A Dozen Good Eggs

Friday, January 29, 2010

why do people complain if they arent willing to do anything about the problem?

there is a message going around on facebook saying that we are the only country whose children go to bed hungry, homeless have no shelter, mentally ill get no treatment, elderly go without medications so why are we all flocking to help Haiti. someone else went on to say yeah no one wants to do anything about this here in their own backyard. I am really a little PO'd at this statement. First of all the people of Haiti know hunger, they know homelessness, they know no medication, they know mental illness. The people of haiti know suffering. And now even those who HAD houses food medication are homeless hungry and without medical care. and we are supposed to close our eyes and turn our heads? Where is your compassion!? these are real people! real children! real grandparents! you would have them starve? die on the streets? how can you put a market on suffering? You cant say well my people are suffereing so I cant help yours! You share what you have and try to make the best of a bad situation.

now are any of these people complaining actually DOING anything to help the problems they see? or are they just complaining and turning their head when they see someone in need? are they feeding the homeless? Bringing them blankets? inviting them into their own home if they are concerned about their lack of shelter? Are they feeding the children? are they taking in children without homes or families to care for them? Are they driving mentally ill folks to appointments? Calling to check on elderly to see if they are taking their medications or need help in any way? I generally find the answer is a resounding NO!

What are you doing to help those who are suffering? buy a big mac and give it away. drop off your blankets you no longer need. volunteer at the food shelf or soup kitchen. support the elderly and mentally ill. But dont think its nearly enough, and dont think that your little drop in the bucket is more important than all the other world's suffereing.

Plumbers r us

so I called a plumber beginning of the week about a problem we are having with our water heater. I explained its an off peak system. I also said there are two of them and asked how would he know which one had the problem?

Fast forward to today. 730 call to say he wouldnt be here until 1 instead of 830 like he had originally said. oooook. no problem.

230ish, Plumber arrives. I showed him where the water heaters are. He was surprised there were two of them and was expecting only one. oh and you mean its an off peak system? so it probably doesnt have any electricity to it right now, that can be a problem.

so who the hell did I talk to on the phone?

another trip to the store

Each of the new kids have been to the grocery store with me alone here and there. and they both had that great adventure going to target in their double stroller and being amazed by the sights there. Today we went to Pamida. Just the 4 of us. Sophie Maia Ben and Mama. I wasnt sure how it was going to work. I needed dog food. and hand soap. and little step stools for the kids to sit on in the shower.

I usually buy BIG bag of dog food so I didnt want to put them in the double stroller and push a cart too. but I didnt want Ben to walk I wasnt sure how he would do. thankfully no one goes to Pamida at 9am. I put Sophie in the infant seat on the cart. she fits just right in there and I figure she is smaller than many american infants. and Ben walked along with Maia. Yes he touched darn near everything. BUT he put it back when I said to and he didnt ask to have anything, only marveled at the things in wonder. he toddled along very closely and didnt once get left behind. he is such a sweet boy. Sophie did fine. she was mostly quiet and observant but asked questions when necessary. so we got our shopping done and home in time for lunch and a nap and to wait for the plumber.

Sophie says WHAT? all the time and I dont know if she doesnt hear me or if she is playing with me. I will have to test her on that later after nap time. I have this very precise way of testing my kids hearing. I turn my back and whisper do you want ice cream? or Do you want candy? they almost ALWAYS start hopping up and down saying I want ice cream!! not once have I had a "suddenly hearing impaired" kid fail the test.

on another note, I am tired of winter. please make it go away.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

dirty words

our beautiful precious princessa has been calling other kids suka. ok so what. until I found out what suka means! Ben was very upset because she said it to him. and she gloated about it. the more he cried about it the more she said it. so I looked it up online. ahem. my daughter, my lovely beautiful daughter is calling her siblings bi*ch. oh lord. what other words is she saying?

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

more kids

yesterday sophie was dragging on lunch and ben wanted to eat her fruit. She gave it to him. I put on my saddest voice and said ohhh I am soo sad. Sophie isnt going to grow big and strong because she isnt eating her fruits and vegetables. She burst into tears and told ben he wanted her fruit and she ate it too.

today ben had a car that sophie wanted. she was still in her chair eating breakfast and it wasnt like he had taken it from her. she just WANTED it. no need for reason. and I said Oh SOPHIE!(all happy and excited) YOu wonderful beautiful child! you are sharing with BEN! soooo nice of you! WHAT A GOOD GIRL YOU ARE!!!" Then she was smiling and happy and saying I bootiful. I share. Mama! I share!

they really are funny loving little kids. Maia just found a picture from several years ago of herself shortly after her chopjob. wow what a differencce a year or three makes. she is such a different child! She is my Maia love. I tell her I love her more than any other Maia in the whole world. she is the very best Maia I know (and oddly enough I know a lot fo Maia's....never met one before she was born) I love her so much. she loves for me to lay with her at night and we talk about stuff. I tell her stories about rophie and len and tody and trista treefan. she wants to talk about lillyanna and shashasha.
and best of all she lets me pinch her cheeks. she wont say it but she loves it.

Ethan is trying sometimes. I dont mean like hard to deal with trying(but he is that too) but trying to get over himself. sometimes I even like him. Always I love him but its very hard to like him a lot of the time. and then there are the days when the old Ethan peeks through.

Ben is currently playing me some very calming jazz on the piano. I often marvel at these kids in wonder that they are mine. he loves his new shoes and newfound stability in them. he loves his mama and his family and the kids must kiss him goodbye before heading to the busstop. he is upset if they dont!

Mocha puppy is taking to tracking. the other day when Eric left I waited until he was out of sight to let her out and she put her nose to the ground and followed it to the end of the driveway and from there I know she could see Eric as it is a long straight shot to work. he was walking as he always does. She stood there looking at him watching from the end of the driveway. I thought she might run after him but never did. (good dog!) more than once he had to bring home Ole because he followed Eric to work. then this morning she really REALLY wanted to go out when the kids went to the bus and rang the bell to go out even. but I knew the bus would be here any minute. So I kept her close so she wouldnt run off and go pee somewhere else. when the bus was long gone I let her out and she started tracking again. sniffing and following Ethan's trail. circling around and back and to the end of the driveway looking for him. She could smell him. She knew he was here but now he was gone! where could he be? it was so funny to watch. I dont know if she will be a good hunter because I am afraid she will be scared of the sharp report of a gunshot. She has been a little skittish but has come a long way in a month. Time for some basic obediencce school probably.

Cody is trying so hard at school. its a struggle. I know it is. but he has brought his grades uP and UP since the beginning of the term. He gets so worried because he tries so hard but sometimes he just cant get it done or do it well enough. I hope he knows I am proud of him.

Chrysta is blossoming into a young lady. and holy cow what a crazy ride that is! I love her dearly. I do. but she is having a hard time maintaining lately. riding the hormone rollercoaster. the puberty train. yikes. she has a family that she babysits for and they just LOVE her and she loves their boys. its so nice for her to have that opportunity for money as she always wants SOEMTHING! she is a teenaged girl after all!

Monday, January 25, 2010

monday monday cant help that day

yesterday was not a nice day. nor was saturday night a nice night. bad sick. feeling better today thank goodness. but still exhausted and a trip across the room leaves me needing to sit down and take a break. The little kids have preschool today and its cold and windy and I dont know if I have the energy to put them all in the shower(which will be cold because everyone else has already showered and gone for the day)and haul everyone to the car and then to the school only to come back two hours later and haul them all home again. At least on the way home I would have cody to help me. it exhausts me just to think about it. I need a nap already and its only
8am. Havent eaten except a little chicken noodle soup last night. Afraid to eat. I dont usually eat breakfast this early anyways. Eric was on call last night so he will be home shortly to grab a shower and go to work. which means my shower will be doubly cold I guess. That is if I can manage the energy to get evreyone undressed and in there.

It is very quiet here without Ethan. I could almost pull a snooze on the couch....maybe a little sesame street.....

Saturday, January 23, 2010


lest you should think life is all hearts and flowers at the house of mouse I need to take a moment to complain, vent, growl whatever you want to call it. I sure do love these new kids. I cant imagine life without their sweetness. BUT somedays it is VERY frustrating that they cant do so many simple things like pull up their pants after a bathroom trip or even get themselves on and off the toilet. They cant fight off the puppy who keeps trying to dominate them. Mostly she is overzealous affectionate, she is a springer after all. but she really likes ben the most and knocks him down with her affections. It was my heart to bring them here and care for them and teach them. and while they HAVE learned a lot of stuff like feeding themselves there is still so much they cant do. Ben falls like ten times a day at least. sometimes a stray shoe trips him up sometimes its nothing. the tile on the floor is very slippery and if its at all wet he slides on that. It just seems like its always someone needing something. and I am tired. I have not had a full solid nights sleep since before we went to Ukraine in October. Last night Eric was up sick and also yesterday I was up starting my day at 330am when sophie had to pee. So I am tired and that doesnt help anything. the darn weather wont cooperate for me to get out of the house. I wanted to go on Thurs to have some time off. nope sleet. wanted to go today. nope. freezing rain and then snow and Eric and Cody sick. I think I can understand caregiver burn out. Sophie and I did have a good time tonight doing her stretches. singing and laughing and kissing. and I sure do love those moments. but I do tire of constantly dragging someone to the bathroom or dragging my own tired ass to the bathroom to take care of someone who is already there. I would rather change diapers.

I am greatly affected by the sun, or lack thereof. and this time of year always gets to me. it doesnt help to think my mom has been in the hospital/rehab 23 days and I havent been able to see her but once. She is home now but still I cant go to see her. the kids would be too much for her. and lets face it I always have the kids. so lets see, no sun, no mom visits, no breaks, no sleep. yep no wonder I am crabby about life for the moment.

Friday, January 22, 2010

I really LIKE my sleep. and today my day started at 330am. UGH! that means now at almost 10am I have put in a full day! I could use a nap! Maybe later I can sneak one. Sophie woke at 330 to go to the bathroom and never did go back to sleep. cried and cried about a belly ache. I gave her a bowl but she never really did throw up. Since I have had two others recently with this bug I knew what to expect. I laid in bed for a little while to be warm but she wasnt sleeping. then Ben started screaming(not the usual wah wah I dont like the dark but AAAAAAHHHHH!) and then I heard him say Ben SICK! and sure enough he was. I gave him a bowl and got soaking wet Ethan stripped and laid down on the extra mattress. I went back to my bed thinking MAYBE since it was now only 530am we might get to sleep another hour. no such luck, ethan came in to tell me that Ben was only pretending to throw up and he was keeping him awake. he has NO empathy or sympathy when it comes to sibs. finally I gave up and tossed him in the shower with dad so he could get ready for school and we have all been up since then. Sophie is going be even more of a crank than usual as she usually gets up around 7-730 so being up at 330 is 4 hours short on sleep! I am sure feeling it too!

Tonight of course is Eric;s companies holiday party. its a luau. and Eric was nominated for some award so we have to go otherwise we would not have even planned to go. so now I am exhausted and have sick kids and have to go to dinner with people I dont know and mostly dont know or care about me or us. FUN TIMES!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

kid funnies from the last few days

maia was playing with sophie and said Oh hello! what is your name? and sophie said PANCAKE!!

Sophie had a belly ache. belly button ouchie she says. She was on the toilet trying to fix her belly ache and she tooted and I said that would make her belly feel better. she tooted some more and then when I got her off the toilet she said THANK YOU TOOTS! BYE BYE TOOTS! I nearly dropped her from laughing so hard.

We all got flu mist yesteday and sophie and ben each got a shot as well. still catching up on immunizations. ben was sitting in the high chair eating dinner and he kept on telling me this one no work! the leg he got the shot in hurt so he couldnt lift it up like he was kicking the other one up so he kept telling me it didnt work!

they are very funny.

Monday, January 18, 2010

our girls

we heard some news on the little girls we left behind at Bens place. Waiting to hear more.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

186$ in paint and supplies

2 hours painting the basement walls with teenaged son.
1 hour trying to get all the paint out of the rollers.

having your husband come home and tell you he doesnt like the color: priceless.

does he have a better color in mind? no. he just doesnt like this one. it is a chocolate milk color. timberline I think its called. I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! but it is across from a wall that is hunter green. even if I paint that wall the brown color he thinks it will feel like a cave.

went on to paint the girls room. oops forgot to take down the border. spent the rest of the afternoon pcking that damn thing off the wall and it still has a section that is undone. So I guess tomorrow will be another day spent painting. and then to finish the basement walls I have to remove a border on a wall in there too. grr. I dontknow what they stuck them on with, super glue maybe. I have redone two wallpapered kitchens and never had THIS much trouble peeling the wallpaper border off!

Friday, January 15, 2010

not a good day

still mad and still reeling from yesterdays doctor appt where they pretty much said Sophie would never walk(upsetting to hear, but we arent giving up). got up this morning and the kids wouldnt eat their breakfast. I found out why at lunch, the milk was turning bad. Eric JUST BOUGHT IT LAST NIGHT! Of course I didnt find out it was bad until I poured it into cups and then had to pour it all back into the gallon to return to the store. I sent Maia out to play with Ben and she got into some deep snow and got her boots stuck so she just sat there yelling and crying so I finally went out there and lost my own shoe in the snow(bare feet of course) so I had to leave her there in the snow with her one foot out of her boot and go get some boots on. my shoe is still out there somewhere. I guess I wont get it back until spring. darnit I liked those for taking out the dog. anyways I got boots on and went back out there and tried to yank her out ripping her jacket in the process, soaking my pants in snow up to my knees, managed to free the other stuck boot. sent the crying princess indoors. she does this EVERY TIME because she so hates to go outside and play. Ben on the other hand cant seem to get enough of it and even with his arthrgryposis he manages to get himself around and play for hours. I expect he will still be out there when the bus comes carrying Ethan in another hour. so now I am soaked, her leg is frozen, my shoe is missing, her coat is ripped, and by the way your daughter will never walk.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

new shoes are a big deal for boys too!

today was a busy day. we were all up showered and out the door at 730. AM! kids caught the bus and the other kids we tossed into the car for a trip to shriners. I wont post here what happened there. If you are interested you can read it at arthroadventure.blogspot.com its what happened after that was so fun.
If you remember Sophie got her first shoes and LOOOOOVED them. except it was hard to find a pair that fit. I did finally and she wears her shiny red patent leathers every day. Shoes are a big deal for a girl. I hadnt thought about Ben. He never had shoes either! today he got his first pair of shoes and OHBOY! you should have seen him go! he wanted to wear them to bed. I told him his feet needed a break at night. it was so cute to see him running around like a regular little kid. We took them to the MN zoo after our appointment. A lot of it was under construction. But we had only a few hours to stay anyways.
After a long drive home we fed the kids and tossed the kids into bed and helped the big kids with homeowrk and now I am ready for bed. soo tired.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


go look at arthrogryposisadoption.blogspot.com

just another day

right now sophie is telling ben off because he has a toy she wants and he isnt just handing it over as she demands. he used to just give her anything she wanted even if he wanted it, even his FOOD! now he just ignores her while she whines and cries and carries on playing with the toy he had.

sophie is much less of a diva than when she came home. She is still bossy and likes her way but what kid doesnt like getting his way? yesterday she wanted to come in the bathroom with me and hug me while I was on the toilet and then wanted me to take her and rockabye with her. I did. she was so sweet. I had taken her pictures with her pretty dress and fancy new shoes (which she ADORES) and she just kept smiling at me and telling me she loves me and then laying her head down again. I love those moments when she lets me rock her. she is a busy girl, rightly so, most of the time.

Ethan got another note home the other day. now most parents gasp when their kid gets a RED note from school. our school is different. RED means husky high five which means someone was caught going beyond the expected and doing something kind generous respectful etc. for someone else. He has received about 4 since starting school. oh why cant he act that way at home???

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

funny kids

yesterday at target was the first time sophie and ben had been to that kind of store. They kept pointing and yelling I LIKE YOU! I LIKE YOU! and then they would see something else and point anotehr direction and say I LIKE YOU! I LIKE YOU! I laughed and laughed. Ben has started singing tinkerbelle tinkerbelle tinkerbelle HEY! to the tune to jingle bells. jingle bells tinkerbells whats the difference anyways? lol.

Sophie slept with her new shoes last night. she got the most darling shiny patent leather RED shoes and she LOVES them.

Maia got some new clothes and was very happy picking them out. she so needed new clothes.

Ethan got a new jacket that will make my life a lot easier. his old one for whatever reason has been a problem since the first day I bought it. the zipper sticks the sleeves pull out the extra cuff gets messed up and bugs him its too tight at the wrist for him to wear a long sleeve shirt because he cant stand when it rides up his arm if he doesnt hold it all the way to the cuff. He positively squealed when I gave it to him and then wore it for a good hour IN THE HOUSE not wanting to take it off. he got some needed new pants too.

Monday, January 11, 2010

a new adventure

off to the dentist today. Sophie and Ben went for the first time. Maia came along because she goes where I go since I dont have any babysitters.They dont like you to come back with your kids but I insisted for this time. I said next time it might be fine but not this time. And Sophie struggled. Ben did fine. but both have healthy teeth no cavities.

then we went to target. I used the double stroller. it was darn near impossible to get into the bathroom and then to get into and out of the handicapped stall. I can only imagine what it must be like to be in a chair and not be able to get into the bathroom! how awful! so I am now convinced I do indeed need a new stroller! so now I need to swallow this lump oh dollars in my throat and just order one. kills me to spend the money but I really need it. I am often on my own with them. so off to find me a new stroller!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

our first trip with the kids

The kids are loving this hotel thing. Tonight we ate out again at Boca de Beppo. They swam ALL AFTERNOON! and were exhausted and begging to go home to bed. Ben fell asleep on the toilet. Ethan, mr ADHD and never sleeps, was begging me please please please take him back to the hotel so he could go to bed. WOW! Today was the first time ever in the pool for Sophie and Ben. they loved it AND Ben is already swimming! I mean like moving himself forward arms and legs going! He had a floater thing on but at first he kept on rolling over but then he figured out the balance and I bet that took a lot of core muscles. he swam and swam and swam. Uncle Bob and Aunt Jeanne came to play and the kids had fun playing with them and they brought yummy treats. Thanks uncle bob and aunt jeanne for a fun afternoon! Unfortunately I didnt get any photos because my hands were kind of full of children.

Tonight at dinner the waitress asked me if all these kids were mine. I smiled and said yes they are ALL mine. she asked their ages and when I told her 13,7,6,5,4, and a 15 at home, she bout fainted. she said wow you are brave. then she looked at sophie and said you must be the baby of the family. I smiled and said yep! for now! I think the poor thing nearly had heart failure. she smiled and said wow! and then carried on and went on her way. This is the first time we have spent a lot of time out with all the kids so its funny to see the reactions. The other people in our dinner party all knew our kids or about our kids so there were no surprises there. It is sort of fun to shock people. = )

I didnt get to talk to mom today. it was too busy. But I am sure she is working hard in rehab and doesnt want to talk anywyas.

photos of recent days

An exciting weekend in the city

well not so much the city as the hotel in the city. After spending 45 minutes driving around lost while Ethan yelled at me we did arrive at the radisson in Plymouth. We went out for a mediocre meal at Perkins last night. I dont even bother sending back my cold food anymore because then everyone else will be done eating and going bonkers while I finally get the chance to eat my WARM meal. so I just ate the stone cold toast that didnt even melt the butter. Ate the lukewarm omelet and hashbrowns. We came back to the hotel and the kids stayed up until 1030! ALL OF THEM! they may have stayed up later but that was the last time I told them to be quiet before I went to sleep. we have adjoining rooms. Today I called all my cousins and put out a plea on facebook for someone to come play with us in the pool. I guess your family is who you choose because the only people that are coming are our friends from summer campground. When I go home to duluth I am supposed to see everyone when I am there. does anyone ever come to see me at home? visit my area? so now I am in THEIR area and no one can make the time to see me. The one person I really wanted to see is too busy to see me, same as last year when we were in this same hotel. so I am glad I have my CHOSEN family.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

out of the mouths of babes

I forgot to write yesterday about Ben's amusing observations of Mama.

We had just gotten out of the shower, yes all 4 of us...me and three little uns. Ben was on the bed wrapped in his towel and I was getting dressed and he said Mama big! I laughed. fast forward a couple minutes and he pats my belly and says big belly. that kid! Guess I better start the new years diet lol.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

so I got this from another blog I frequent

so I am supposed to share ten truths.

1. When I was a little girl I always talked about having ten kids.I always babysat so I knew what I was in for.(one family I sat for had 7 kids) I am well on my way to that. I have 6 at home right now, and 2 that live elsewhere.

2. I like sesame street, especially when they have stars on there like trisha yearwood or garth brooks. in fact I think I like it more than my kids do.

3. to be continued because my almost 10 kids want dinner

ok back again.

3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE shows about psychic ability, ghosts, ghost hunting etc.

4. I am a sucker for cute. show me a puppy or kitty and I would gladly take them home.

5. I love to travel. Eric and I have been to Mexico, Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Chicago, Minneapolis, Iowa.

6. I love to write. I write for local county paper. I only write once every other month for them but thats enough, I still enjoy it. I am too busy to write more often anyways.

7. I always wish my house could be organized but it rarely is.

8. My kids have a shameful amount of toys so this year instead of each kid buying for each other we filled a cart with toys and gave to toys for tots.

9. I have a big heart. I will give and give and give. I have volunteered in various positions starting in the FIFTH GRADE!

10. I have the best kids in the whole wide world. they are all very different but each special.

I have to laugh

Ben did something naughty. and last night he had to take a time out. generally he is a VERY good boy but sometimes he forgets himself. So tonight he hit Sophie. She probably did hit him first she does that. he generally doesnt. I used my best "naughty dog" voice dripping with disappointment and all I said was thats not nice. and he burst into tears. he is such a sweet boy and he tries so hard to be good. Last night he got a time out for spitting and you would have thought I sent him to bed for a week without dinner the way he cried. time out consisted of sitting in the thinking chair for a couple of minutes. no cruel and unusual punishment there but boy did he cry! It was just so funny that my three words sent him to tears. It was refreshing. If that was Ethan he would be spouting snarky remarks and being rude and disrespectful rather than own up or even HEAR me. good to know Ben takes being good seriously and WANTS to please Mama and Papa. It bout breaks my heart when Papa diciplines him. listening to him cry and carry on because daddy put him in time out is heart wrenching. he is such a tender boy. Too bad my disappointed voice doesnt work for anyone else in this house, including the dogs!

well its wednesday again

not that wednesday is much differeant than tuesday or monday. Kids had preschool today. they love it. its just SO COLD when I have to load and unload them. Chrysta is off ice skating again. I am home wrapped in my cozy fluffy new bathrobe. Ben is trying to figure out why "pajama" when it isnt bedtime.

I talked to my mom. She is at Miller Dwan rehab. I think its going to be a long haul for her there. They are really pushing her to do things. She still hurts a lot. Her brain seems to be fine though. thats a relief.

Nothing really is new around here. same stuff different day. Eric is on call so its pizza night. This weekend we are going to a conference in the cities. We went last year and it was FREEZING cold. SOOOO COLD! We had Ethan and Maia only. Its amazing to think how they have grown since then. Will have to scrape up some swimsuits for the kids and we can alternate swimming and laying in bed watching cartoons and going to McDs for lunch all while Eric goes to his classes. Then one night we will go out for dinner with the other attendees from Eric's organization. Cody doesnt want to come along. Guess he is growing up. Wants to hang out at home and take care of the dogs rather than spend the weekend locked in a hotel with us lol. The only down side is now that the kids go to school we cant go with Eric on Friday(and there arent enough seats in the van anyways. ) so we will drive down after school on Friday. maybe I will pick them up early or at the very least pick them up right after school rather than wait for the bus.

I really should call Tiffany and see if she is around this weekend. She could bring Mikey and Bella over and play in the pool with us.

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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

is this not the sweetest smile you have ever seen?

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Monday, January 4, 2010

Hillside hit-and-run suspect faces old and new charges | Duluth News Tribune | Duluth, Minnesota

Hillside hit-and-run suspect faces old and new charges | Duluth News Tribune | Duluth, Minnesota

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a new day

a new year.

I cut bens sandwhich into 4 triangles and he pointed to one and said I like you! he cracks me up. I have been kissing on him and he says YUK and I say that means you need MORE kisses. and he just smiles knowingly and says YUK! and then I kiss him all over. and he smiles and says YUK! He adores attention but is not one who demands it like Sophie. He is easy to get lost in the shuffle he is so quiet. I make sure to give him extra loves and kisses. he likes to pat my head like I pat his.

Sophie very much enjoyed having glamma and wooben here this weekend. She got her share for cookies and lovin. she missed her nap and stayed up late on saturday so she slept well last night.

Ethan was off to school this morning. He was anxious to see his friends. He tells me about Jaxon and I tell him dont play with him because YOU are going to get into trouble. he told me about how Jaxon has to go to UPS(he means STP which is like time out room outside of the classroom) I laugh every time he tells me about UPS.

Chrysta FINALLY got to go skating yesterday. so she was happy and tired last night. I cant believe she skated for 3 hours in below 0 weather.

Maia is changing her name. she is now little miss STINKER. anyone who knows Maia knows she has alwyas been a stinker but of late she has been really good. today she is very much a stinker. she just disobeys everything thinking she can do whatever she wants to. Ethan has much the same problem. so she is getting to know the time out chair. It isnt anything big but if I cant get her to listen on the stupid piddly things how can I keep her safe in some larger situation?

Cody is just cody. teenager. doesnt say much. but generally easy to get along with as always. he has always been so laid back.

Friday, January 1, 2010

happy new year

happy new year bloggy buddies and family and friends.