A Dozen Good Eggs

Meet the Family!

We are a large family. a mega family. We didn't start out with that plan. But you know what happens when you are making plans. Eric and Tam were both married to others but had moved on to greener pastures when they found each other. Eric brought his two kids Josh and Danielle(now in their late 20s) into the marriage. Tam brought her two kids, Cody and Chrysta (now 21 and 19.) Then Maia (now 11) came on the scene about a year after we married. 8 weeks later Ethan (now 13) joined us from Russia. 6 years later Sophie, who is now 9 and Ben who is 12 joined us from Ukraine. A year later we were also joined by Natasha 13, Diana 12, Jaeger 13, and Andre 12. Last year Juno, 11 and Jack, 10, came home.

Eric works in town clinic as a family practice doctor. Tam is a stay at home Mom.

Some of our kids have challenges beyond average parenting. Sophie and Ben have Arthrogryposis which means they were born with joint contractures. Ethan also struggles with the effects of the time he spent in the orphanage and hospital before we brought him home, as well as fetal alcohol syndrome. kids from orphanages do not come out unscathed. Ben and Andre also have fetal alcohol syndrome(fas). Some of the kids have medical issues as well as physical and developmental issues. Juno has a currently unnamed muscle disorder.

We have a lot of fun and a lot of love in our house. Yes it is busy, at times chaotic, even crazy. Always worth it. All of our kids have needed us to fight for them at one time or another. Every day we wake up with them we win again. They are the source of our joy, frustration, happiness, pain, and so many other emotions. We wouldn't have it any other way.