A Dozen Good Eggs

Friday, June 4, 2010

we are headed to our girls!! if you want to follow your journey to our girls
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I guess if I didnt care so much about my stuff I could lose a lot of stress about how it all gets wrecked destroyed stolen missing or given away. I have a certain child who has no respect for anything or anyone. (except of course is an ANGEL at grammas house. doesnt steal from her. doesnt give her any grief. doesnt destroy her stuff. doesnt throw her stuff away. ) anyways as I was saying, I have always taken care of my stuff. even as a child I saved many many toys for my own children some day. most of which my own children destroyed and didnt care about. thus proving they have too much. but I digress. I like to leave stuff where I put it and knwo it will be there when I return. I like my stuff to stay intact and stay mine. yet one child doesnt seem to understand that. this child consistantly takes things from MY ROOM and MY DRAWARS or MY bathroom that is attached to my bedroom (and there are TWO other bathrooms for family use) I am tired of having my things stolen and or destroyed. if this was a one time thing, and a lesson was learned I wouldnt be too upset about it but its ongoing. the message never seems to get through. a little klepto in the making. if I want it, its mine. and in the pocket it goes. or in the case of hidden candy in the belly it goes. This child has adhd, is adopted, and is very small and could be alcohol affected but was never diagnosed. is it a kid thing? is it an adopted thing? an alcohol thing? no matter what it is, it is NOT OK WITH ME. and I am tired of it. thus if I didnt care about my stuff it could relieve a lot of stress. but I DO care about my stuff. I DONT want to replace things which cost more money. I long ago stopped buying toys and we have gone from hundreds of cars to maybe 2 dozen. all of them destroyed, missing, lost, or otherwise disappeared. while it isnt fair to the other kids, it isnt wise to spend money on things that will be destroyed or disappear. so I know said child will be an angel at grammas but I know there will be hell to pay when I return. in the meantime I guess I cant let that child out of my sight.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I love pictures of all my kids together. even if it doesnt happen too often.

chrysta sophie and maia

Ben 6, Cody 15, Maia 6, Chrysta 13, Ethan 8, Sophie 4