A Dozen Good Eggs

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Since I have two kids with Arthrogryposis, I tend to think they are FAB! so I am going to post other kids from various places around the world who also have arthrogryposis. The difference between MY kids and these kids is that MY kids have a home and are not looking at a life in an institution. If you can donate to these kids, even a couple dollars, you can do so at Reecesrainbow.com
If you are looking for a child to lavish with attention and love PLEASE look into bringing home one of these children. We all have pocket change at the end of the day, would you miss those few cents if you put them towards a child's future? We could change their lives forever with a little change of our own. keep them in your thoughts and if you can help at all. Look at their little faces. can we let them waste away? All they need is a Mama and Daddy.

Meet Aaron. He is the cutest little boy with a great big smile! and all he wanted for Christmas was a mama and daddy. but instead he got transferred to an institution where he will stay until he dies. Wont you go to reecesrainbow.com and donate for aaron? Maybe he is the son you have been waiting for! You dont have to be perfect to adopt. He needs a home. He needs love and a Mama to cuddle him. If you can't find a place for him in your life maybe there is another child at reecesrainbow.com who would be better suited to your family. Lets help Aaron get a home. Donate today at Reecesrainbow.com

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