A Dozen Good Eggs

Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Got a houseful of sickies this week. Started with Maia last week. Progressed to Diana,Ethan, and Andre over the weekend. Andre was able to go to school today. Ethan too, but Diana and Jaeger are still home sick. Only a couple kids left to get it and I am hoping they dont! Easter is the end of the week and we will be hosting dinner for family and friends. I have not heard from the local doctor who said she would call me after doing some research. I guess its back to Philly with him. I was really hopeful but I guess that was a wasted doctor visit. Eric is at school today talking to second graders about bees. He brought the super(empty) and the bee suit to show them where the bees live and tell them all about beekeeping. I guess when they read a book about chickens they will want me to come in and talk about chickens. maybe not. I dont know what I would tell them. That big red rooster attacks me all the time? Eric is getting ready for summer and thinking ahead to planting. I dont know what or when hes going to plant because there is 3 feet of snow on the ground! Maia had a birthday last weekend and turned 9! wow. 9. She was just born yesterday. she was just a baby last week. just a toddler last month. and now out of nowhere she is 9? how does that happen? Miss Natasha is still 10 but suddenly 10 going on 17. tall and leggy and fashionista. her birthday is coming up next week and she wants clothes. not toys or doll stuff. they grow too fast. Diana still loves her doll and plays it all the time. Not much else is new around here. just anxiously awaiting summer and school letting out. Should be a good summer with no fixaters!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

a day in the life

local ortho visit was a bust. she didnt want to cast. wanted to cut. its out motto- she's a surgeon, thats what they do. true to form she was wanting to go straight to cutting a bone out. Ben of course heard this and started crying thinking she was gonna do it right then and there. I assured him no one was taking his bones out. not now. not later. she also said the rotation in the foot is femoral. it isnt. we know this. its below the ankle. when his club feet are corrected(before they regress) they are straight! she said his hips are tight but fine. Apparently shriners was unable to send any records. so she had no info on previous plans from Dr Van Bosse. He now has an appointment to go back to Dr Van Bosse. Sophie has an appointment so they got them both in same day same time. Today Maia is home sick. She was up all night throwing up. I couldnt go to sleep after that so I have pretty much been up since about 1230 last night. I have my friends girls coming over tomorrow night for a sleepover. Im a sucker for cute little girls! they are so good though when they are here. should be fine. snow is still out there. not sure we wil see spring for a long time the way its going. late june probably! just 3 days ago we got about a fot of fresh powder. blah Im tired of winter I want spring. Had to put a bazillion dollars into my car this week. it was so hard to be without it while it was in the shop. Sophie missed therapy again because I had no car. but it runs now. life goes on. a bazillion dollars poorer. You know when they say they have to get the part from a ford dealer its gonna be spendy. I can barely keep my eyes open so I think I better take a nap.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

I made some pretty amethyst crackled marble pendants. selling them for 12$ includes shipping. I have 17 right now. will be getting some blue ones for AMC. Blue is the AMC color and June 30 is AMC day when everyone wears blue. I did something to my back a few days ago and I can barely move it hurts so bad. Getting up is awful, sitting down is awful, standing is no good, sleeping is difficult. Ready for this back spasm to go away. Even the hot tub didnt help much. Tomorrow I take Ben to doc for Adhd. yes another kid will be on meds. I sure as heck hope it makes an improvement for him. it takes him nearly an hour to put on his snowpants boots jacket and hat in the morning for school. Friday Ben sees a new ortho locally. his feet are regressing. Should be interesting to hear what she has to say. thinking I will have to dig out his wheelchair and dust off the cobwebs if he goes into plaster. Life has been pretty quiet since Sophie got her ex fix off. no doc appts every week. We still have PT and OT every week, but didnt go today because of my back. There is no way I could lift her, then lift her chair, and her walker. then left chair out lift her into it and carry walker to therapy. no way possible that could happen when I cant even pick up a plate without pain. Chrysta is coming home for a week at Easter. The other kids do not have that time off from school. she has promised to be nice while staying here and be helpful. she is going to rearrange some cabinets for me since she likes that job and I dont. I told her if she emailed me a menu I would make her favorites while she is here. Well another day is over and tomorrow begins another so I better head off to bed.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

ms thang is trying out a walker and loving walking all over the house! she is doing great. me? not so much. back is killing me! snow lay all over today. was a snowy night last night. We just came in from hot tub and dinner is bubbling away on the stove. Kids are outside playing in the snow. I am sitting here by the fire. love that. Eric is listening to CME on his computer. Its a nice quiet sunday. Best kind.