A Dozen Good Eggs

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Help Alicia find a family! can you donate to her fund to help?

When you wake on Christmas day you will go into your warm family area and see what presents you got this year. Alicia will wake in a cold impersonal place where she will dress in many layers because the heat is not reliable and will be lucky if she gets a present at all. the only gift Alicia needs this year is a mama and papa. Can you help her? can you donate 1 dollar? 3 dollars? 5 or 10 dollars? every penny we can get in her fund will help her find a home. SO many people would adopt if they could afford the cost of an adoption. Cant we all work together and give Alicia the gift of a family?

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

guess who just ATE her first tooth?

Sophie just lost her first tooth. in a banana. which she ATE! she has a very cute gap in her smile now. she also has some pink eye. fun fun. her cast BROKE the other day. she thought her leg would fall off I think because if we even looked at her leg she cried. So we wrapped it in fiberglass to reinforce it.

We finally got the letter from andre's evaluation. we also got referral to FAS clinic. Andre is functioning at 2-3 year old level in many things. as high as 4 almost 5 year old level in others. seriously delayed overall. If the school continues to fight me on this I am about ready to pull him out altogether. they send home his work already for ME to teach him since they dont have time. There is an alternative school our friends child attends in Cloquet. Her experience has been that its a very small classroom setting with a lot of one on one. exactly what Andre needs but isnt getting in his current placemnt.

Chrysta Natasha and Ethan started music lessons monday and Ethan's teacher didnt show. didnt know I guess. Have yet to hear from her.this does not speak well of the organisational skills of the lady who runs the music school.

Andre and Diana are going to go to Pediatric endochrinologist because of their size.

Jaeger is mostly a loving funny joyful boy.

Chrysta turns 15 today. I have been teasing her that its her 12th birthday or that she is turning 13 now! she is less than excited about my attempts to make her younger lol.

Cody is Cody. wants to get a job. but of course cant get out of bed in the morning and nearly misses the bus every day. it is not a short walk to school like it was in Isle. its several miles. so if he misses the bus its gonna be a long walk. I cant drive him with sophie at home. too difficult to travel with her.

Maia is her father's daughter through and through. she is a joy to raise. the love of our life. well one of them anyways. but always happy go lucky and LOOOOOVES when her Daddy reads to her about greek mythology. Last night she learned that Maia was a character in greek mythology and was very excited! I could eat that girl up she is so adorable and sweet. all the girls are but Maia is something special in her own way.

Monday, November 7, 2011

just another manic monday

most of them out the door. last two waiting for bus. then sophie's teacher comes. eric didnt get a deer this weekend. but Allan did. When they got back Allan stayed to dinner and I sent the leftovers home with him. we dont get enough chance to eat leftovers. Eric used to eat them for lunch but now he doesnt come home for lunch. I cant eat it fast enough and there is never enough for a full meal of various leftovers for all. At least I know it will get eaten. It was a long weekend without Eric here. and the boys decided it was the weekend to skip sleep. I wish I had the magic pill to make them SLEEP!

So today is monday and its back to fighting for Andre to get school services. I am really not sure why I send him at this point. HE gets social time but he sure isnt learning to read. he still doesnt know all the letters. in fact MOST of them he doesnt know. its hard to read or spell without letters. math he is a bit better at but needs a lot of attention and guidance to do it. we often end up doing it at home. I wonder if I could just get the curriculum and do it myself with him at home. I dont really WANT to go that route but I keep running up against brick walls. waiting for the official diagnosis paper from Psych. they may or may not help. see doctor tomorrow and will get referral for FAS clinic. and will contact school social worker about alternative school in Cloquet where Kirsten goes. how many years does he have to go to school and NOT LEARN before they will HELP???

Dec 5 is sophie's appt for casts off. ben also appt to get new boots. short ones taht stay in shoe. better call about flights for that. need to call clinic about diana's labs also today and find out about pedi endocrine. life is sure never dull.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

ever think about photography?

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i have come to the conclusion that the reason I usually dont watch tv is because the kids are always watching and watching tv with the kids is really not fun. I cant hear half of it because someone is always commenting. If a man or woman kiss they start oohing and ahhhing at the moment they think things might happen whcih means we miss all the dialogue leading up to it. they all randomly toss out comments or repeat sentences after the characters. then we miss what came after the character said that. I wonder what part of development includes talking to the tv as if it could hear you and acting like you are the one in the movie while the movie is still going on. or someone is fighting about where they will sit or what is on next. really I am having a disenchanted day. sometimes they just dont listen and I get mad and hold a grudge. I ask myself why I give everything and get little monsters in return. its the job I guess. and tey do know how to behave when it counts. when we go out we hear oh how well behaved they are! what nice kids you have! etc. but at home they let it all hang out.