A Dozen Good Eggs

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

is this not the sweetest smile you have ever seen?

miss madeline needs a mama. She has arthrogryposis but it is very mild and treatable. think what joy that little smile could bring every morning. She is so cute! She needs a mama and daddy to love her. To enjoy her sweet smile. To help her get her arthrogryposis corrected so she can walk and play like other kids. Oh wouldnt you just love to have a little doll like Madeline? If you think she is waiting for you, you should go to reecesrainbow.com and contact andrea. Madeline is such a darling, dont let her waste away to nothing in an institution. bring her home and give her a chance to have life and love.


  1. I have loved that little girl ever since I've seen her pic months ago. She needs a Mama and Daddy so bad. Thank you for getting her name out.

  2. I think she is my very favorite.