A Dozen Good Eggs

Friday, January 29, 2010

why do people complain if they arent willing to do anything about the problem?

there is a message going around on facebook saying that we are the only country whose children go to bed hungry, homeless have no shelter, mentally ill get no treatment, elderly go without medications so why are we all flocking to help Haiti. someone else went on to say yeah no one wants to do anything about this here in their own backyard. I am really a little PO'd at this statement. First of all the people of Haiti know hunger, they know homelessness, they know no medication, they know mental illness. The people of haiti know suffering. And now even those who HAD houses food medication are homeless hungry and without medical care. and we are supposed to close our eyes and turn our heads? Where is your compassion!? these are real people! real children! real grandparents! you would have them starve? die on the streets? how can you put a market on suffering? You cant say well my people are suffereing so I cant help yours! You share what you have and try to make the best of a bad situation.

now are any of these people complaining actually DOING anything to help the problems they see? or are they just complaining and turning their head when they see someone in need? are they feeding the homeless? Bringing them blankets? inviting them into their own home if they are concerned about their lack of shelter? Are they feeding the children? are they taking in children without homes or families to care for them? Are they driving mentally ill folks to appointments? Calling to check on elderly to see if they are taking their medications or need help in any way? I generally find the answer is a resounding NO!

What are you doing to help those who are suffering? buy a big mac and give it away. drop off your blankets you no longer need. volunteer at the food shelf or soup kitchen. support the elderly and mentally ill. But dont think its nearly enough, and dont think that your little drop in the bucket is more important than all the other world's suffereing.


  1. You guys going to be around this weekend. Jeanne and I are heading north to find a big house for a family event this summer

  2. as far as I know we will! in fact I will stay home if you guys are coming! will you need a place to stay or just pop in for a visit ? should I make dinner? it would be loads of fun to see you two!

  3. Sounds like we are all getting tired of winter, crises, big government, small government, Toyota recalls, unemployment, emergencies, and negative news...where is a feeling of hope these grey days?

    We will call if something develops on Saturday - it may work better to drive up north on Saturday morning, Feb 13th - any plans during that day OR Sunday, if we drop in? Let us know. Jeannie

  4. I can't quite understand how anyone who has been anywhere else could make such a bizarre statement.