A Dozen Good Eggs

Monday, March 5, 2012

yesterday we went XC skiing. I didnt do so well. but we had fun. Enough fun that I would do it again. Sophie and I are finally having a quiet day at home just the two of us today. She likes days like this. She likes to go to Grandma's but has been begging to get back to routine. Last Friday I broke out in hives all over and had a miserable day. She went to my Mom 's that day too. so today is jammy day. relax, play, eat lunch, nap, play, eat, play eat all in jammies.

The other kids are doing well. Becoming fabulous readers. Jaeger, Natasha, Maia, and Diana will devour a chapter book. Ethan is a great reader but more reluctant to read a chapter book. he just doesnt have the attention span. He would rather read a short book. Andre and Ben and Sophie are also learning to read. getting better all the time.

Still no date on Sophie's next surgery. Hoping to hear soon, maybe when we go to see Dr VB end of the month. That reminds me I better get my name on the list for ronald mcdonald house. Ben may well come home doing the serial cast thing again. I am fully prepared and expecting that. his feet are STUBBORN!

Natasha has lyme disease and is on antibiotics. Andre has H Pylori and is also on antibiotics. some flu bug went through the house this week also.
I am doing so much better. Got my central line IV out. thats a relief. still a bit on the weak side but stronger all the time and not sick and no lines or medications. Being very careful about what I eat. no pizza. no nachos. no soda. no high fat meals. this translates to not much eating out because I am always nervous about what I will be able to eat at a restaurant.

I am trying to raise funds for Alicia on ReecesRainbow.org I am hoping someone will see her cute little face and make her their own. A large grant will help that happen. Please go to http://allforalicia.blogspot.com/2012/02/all-for-alicia.html and donate. you could win some very nice handmade items or a Michael's gift card to make your own crafts. best of all you help a child have a chance at a future.