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Thursday, January 14, 2010

new shoes are a big deal for boys too!

today was a busy day. we were all up showered and out the door at 730. AM! kids caught the bus and the other kids we tossed into the car for a trip to shriners. I wont post here what happened there. If you are interested you can read it at arthroadventure.blogspot.com its what happened after that was so fun.
If you remember Sophie got her first shoes and LOOOOOVED them. except it was hard to find a pair that fit. I did finally and she wears her shiny red patent leathers every day. Shoes are a big deal for a girl. I hadnt thought about Ben. He never had shoes either! today he got his first pair of shoes and OHBOY! you should have seen him go! he wanted to wear them to bed. I told him his feet needed a break at night. it was so cute to see him running around like a regular little kid. We took them to the MN zoo after our appointment. A lot of it was under construction. But we had only a few hours to stay anyways.
After a long drive home we fed the kids and tossed the kids into bed and helped the big kids with homeowrk and now I am ready for bed. soo tired.

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  1. I remember how excited Jon Felipe was when we got him his first pair of regular boy shoes. He didn't want to take them off ever. In the orphanage he wore special corrective boots which probably cost the orphanage a lot of money to get specially made for him, but they weren't at all like the shoes the other kids wore. Once we got a new AFO made here, he could wear regular shoes. He still loves to get new shoes. How fun!