A Dozen Good Eggs

Thursday, February 28, 2013

A little update on the fam

Queenie is doing so well! she is cast free, fixater free. She is wearing PANTS!!! love her dresses but in Minnesota winters pants are definitely good. She is wearing shoes and standing and working on walking every chance she can get. Chrysta is settling in at her Dads. it was a rought start and she still isnt sure she made the best decision but she is working to make it work and I applaud that. Cody is looking at schools, vaguely. but I am encouraged that he has gotten out of bed alone this week and hasnt missed the bus. We now have two kids diagnosed as low iq. so thats a bit of a blow and at the same time really not that big of a surprise. Natasha went to a young writers conference at saint scholastica this week. she was all shy and worried but when she came home she couldnt stop talking about it. I think she enjoyed herself. Maia is still Maia. She sometimes struggles with her brothers and sisters. SHe was really crushed when she found out that her brothers brains were not functioning at the same age their bodies are. she didnt even realize that they were much younger than her. she just loves them. it really hurt her little heart that their brains are damaged. Diana is her sassy little self. sometimes pushing that sass boundry beyond funny into snarky and disrespectful. its a fine line and she walks it pretty well but sometimes falls off. Jaeger enlightened me that the boy he plays with most at school isnt a very nice boy and gets in trouble for being mean. hmmmmm that explains a lot. I really wish that boy could find some good friends that were a good influence. he always seems to go to the ones that you wouldnt want him hanging with. Ethan's therapy has been going well. We found out that he doesnt understand idioms! Just makeing sure he understands us has made a big difference in behavior. today I have NO APPOINTMENTS! I am going to run out and see if I can find a record player. I have two and neither want to work and a bunch of records we want to listen to and cant. I am also working to lose that last bit of weight. I was spurred on to do it since my mouth is filled with sore blisters. eating is not fun or easy. so slim fast is my friend right now. The chickens are all doing fine as well. We had a friend look after them last week when we went to Minneapolis for a few days. While we were there we saw the history museum, the mn institute of art, and como zoo and arboretum. we had a lot of fun with Bob and Jeanne. Bob brought the kids up the next weekend. I am beginning to see why Jaeger so love Gavin. he is a good silly little boy. they are best friends. at school he cant seem to find that. at school he ends up with the naughty kids. the good kids wont play with him. he says anwyays. but he so loves gavin and olivia. Cant wait for summer so they can come up for a week or two. The fish are growing big, they are tilapia and will eventually be dinner, but more importantly they will feed the plants. An interesting experiment for Eric.