A Dozen Good Eggs

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

kid funnies from the last few days

maia was playing with sophie and said Oh hello! what is your name? and sophie said PANCAKE!!

Sophie had a belly ache. belly button ouchie she says. She was on the toilet trying to fix her belly ache and she tooted and I said that would make her belly feel better. she tooted some more and then when I got her off the toilet she said THANK YOU TOOTS! BYE BYE TOOTS! I nearly dropped her from laughing so hard.

We all got flu mist yesteday and sophie and ben each got a shot as well. still catching up on immunizations. ben was sitting in the high chair eating dinner and he kept on telling me this one no work! the leg he got the shot in hurt so he couldnt lift it up like he was kicking the other one up so he kept telling me it didnt work!

they are very funny.

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  1. Too funny! So glad she was thankful to feeling better though!