A Dozen Good Eggs

Saturday, January 23, 2010


lest you should think life is all hearts and flowers at the house of mouse I need to take a moment to complain, vent, growl whatever you want to call it. I sure do love these new kids. I cant imagine life without their sweetness. BUT somedays it is VERY frustrating that they cant do so many simple things like pull up their pants after a bathroom trip or even get themselves on and off the toilet. They cant fight off the puppy who keeps trying to dominate them. Mostly she is overzealous affectionate, she is a springer after all. but she really likes ben the most and knocks him down with her affections. It was my heart to bring them here and care for them and teach them. and while they HAVE learned a lot of stuff like feeding themselves there is still so much they cant do. Ben falls like ten times a day at least. sometimes a stray shoe trips him up sometimes its nothing. the tile on the floor is very slippery and if its at all wet he slides on that. It just seems like its always someone needing something. and I am tired. I have not had a full solid nights sleep since before we went to Ukraine in October. Last night Eric was up sick and also yesterday I was up starting my day at 330am when sophie had to pee. So I am tired and that doesnt help anything. the darn weather wont cooperate for me to get out of the house. I wanted to go on Thurs to have some time off. nope sleet. wanted to go today. nope. freezing rain and then snow and Eric and Cody sick. I think I can understand caregiver burn out. Sophie and I did have a good time tonight doing her stretches. singing and laughing and kissing. and I sure do love those moments. but I do tire of constantly dragging someone to the bathroom or dragging my own tired ass to the bathroom to take care of someone who is already there. I would rather change diapers.

I am greatly affected by the sun, or lack thereof. and this time of year always gets to me. it doesnt help to think my mom has been in the hospital/rehab 23 days and I havent been able to see her but once. She is home now but still I cant go to see her. the kids would be too much for her. and lets face it I always have the kids. so lets see, no sun, no mom visits, no breaks, no sleep. yep no wonder I am crabby about life for the moment.


  1. I wish I could come help for a bit so you could take a break. You definitely deserve one. Can you get respite help?

  2. Im sick today so I am taking respite on my family. letting them deal with everyting, in fact I just got out of bed.

  3. It is too bad that you have to be sick to get a break. In fact, it is no wonder you are sick. I hope you get a good rest and feel better soon.