A Dozen Good Eggs

Saturday, January 9, 2010

An exciting weekend in the city

well not so much the city as the hotel in the city. After spending 45 minutes driving around lost while Ethan yelled at me we did arrive at the radisson in Plymouth. We went out for a mediocre meal at Perkins last night. I dont even bother sending back my cold food anymore because then everyone else will be done eating and going bonkers while I finally get the chance to eat my WARM meal. so I just ate the stone cold toast that didnt even melt the butter. Ate the lukewarm omelet and hashbrowns. We came back to the hotel and the kids stayed up until 1030! ALL OF THEM! they may have stayed up later but that was the last time I told them to be quiet before I went to sleep. we have adjoining rooms. Today I called all my cousins and put out a plea on facebook for someone to come play with us in the pool. I guess your family is who you choose because the only people that are coming are our friends from summer campground. When I go home to duluth I am supposed to see everyone when I am there. does anyone ever come to see me at home? visit my area? so now I am in THEIR area and no one can make the time to see me. The one person I really wanted to see is too busy to see me, same as last year when we were in this same hotel. so I am glad I have my CHOSEN family.

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