A Dozen Good Eggs

Monday, January 4, 2010

a new day

a new year.

I cut bens sandwhich into 4 triangles and he pointed to one and said I like you! he cracks me up. I have been kissing on him and he says YUK and I say that means you need MORE kisses. and he just smiles knowingly and says YUK! and then I kiss him all over. and he smiles and says YUK! He adores attention but is not one who demands it like Sophie. He is easy to get lost in the shuffle he is so quiet. I make sure to give him extra loves and kisses. he likes to pat my head like I pat his.

Sophie very much enjoyed having glamma and wooben here this weekend. She got her share for cookies and lovin. she missed her nap and stayed up late on saturday so she slept well last night.

Ethan was off to school this morning. He was anxious to see his friends. He tells me about Jaxon and I tell him dont play with him because YOU are going to get into trouble. he told me about how Jaxon has to go to UPS(he means STP which is like time out room outside of the classroom) I laugh every time he tells me about UPS.

Chrysta FINALLY got to go skating yesterday. so she was happy and tired last night. I cant believe she skated for 3 hours in below 0 weather.

Maia is changing her name. she is now little miss STINKER. anyone who knows Maia knows she has alwyas been a stinker but of late she has been really good. today she is very much a stinker. she just disobeys everything thinking she can do whatever she wants to. Ethan has much the same problem. so she is getting to know the time out chair. It isnt anything big but if I cant get her to listen on the stupid piddly things how can I keep her safe in some larger situation?

Cody is just cody. teenager. doesnt say much. but generally easy to get along with as always. he has always been so laid back.


  1. i love the way little kids say "I like you"

  2. none of my other kids pointed to objects and spoke to them and said I like you. they said I like that one or the green one or I like THIS. so I always say ya Ben I LIKE YOU TOO!