A Dozen Good Eggs

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

more kids

yesterday sophie was dragging on lunch and ben wanted to eat her fruit. She gave it to him. I put on my saddest voice and said ohhh I am soo sad. Sophie isnt going to grow big and strong because she isnt eating her fruits and vegetables. She burst into tears and told ben he wanted her fruit and she ate it too.

today ben had a car that sophie wanted. she was still in her chair eating breakfast and it wasnt like he had taken it from her. she just WANTED it. no need for reason. and I said Oh SOPHIE!(all happy and excited) YOu wonderful beautiful child! you are sharing with BEN! soooo nice of you! WHAT A GOOD GIRL YOU ARE!!!" Then she was smiling and happy and saying I bootiful. I share. Mama! I share!

they really are funny loving little kids. Maia just found a picture from several years ago of herself shortly after her chopjob. wow what a differencce a year or three makes. she is such a different child! She is my Maia love. I tell her I love her more than any other Maia in the whole world. she is the very best Maia I know (and oddly enough I know a lot fo Maia's....never met one before she was born) I love her so much. she loves for me to lay with her at night and we talk about stuff. I tell her stories about rophie and len and tody and trista treefan. she wants to talk about lillyanna and shashasha.
and best of all she lets me pinch her cheeks. she wont say it but she loves it.

Ethan is trying sometimes. I dont mean like hard to deal with trying(but he is that too) but trying to get over himself. sometimes I even like him. Always I love him but its very hard to like him a lot of the time. and then there are the days when the old Ethan peeks through.

Ben is currently playing me some very calming jazz on the piano. I often marvel at these kids in wonder that they are mine. he loves his new shoes and newfound stability in them. he loves his mama and his family and the kids must kiss him goodbye before heading to the busstop. he is upset if they dont!

Mocha puppy is taking to tracking. the other day when Eric left I waited until he was out of sight to let her out and she put her nose to the ground and followed it to the end of the driveway and from there I know she could see Eric as it is a long straight shot to work. he was walking as he always does. She stood there looking at him watching from the end of the driveway. I thought she might run after him but never did. (good dog!) more than once he had to bring home Ole because he followed Eric to work. then this morning she really REALLY wanted to go out when the kids went to the bus and rang the bell to go out even. but I knew the bus would be here any minute. So I kept her close so she wouldnt run off and go pee somewhere else. when the bus was long gone I let her out and she started tracking again. sniffing and following Ethan's trail. circling around and back and to the end of the driveway looking for him. She could smell him. She knew he was here but now he was gone! where could he be? it was so funny to watch. I dont know if she will be a good hunter because I am afraid she will be scared of the sharp report of a gunshot. She has been a little skittish but has come a long way in a month. Time for some basic obediencce school probably.

Cody is trying so hard at school. its a struggle. I know it is. but he has brought his grades uP and UP since the beginning of the term. He gets so worried because he tries so hard but sometimes he just cant get it done or do it well enough. I hope he knows I am proud of him.

Chrysta is blossoming into a young lady. and holy cow what a crazy ride that is! I love her dearly. I do. but she is having a hard time maintaining lately. riding the hormone rollercoaster. the puberty train. yikes. she has a family that she babysits for and they just LOVE her and she loves their boys. its so nice for her to have that opportunity for money as she always wants SOEMTHING! she is a teenaged girl after all!


  1. heh, the puberty train! I like that. Although I'm pretty sure my mother would say it was more like a roller coaster.

  2. here we call it Puberty! The Musical! and we sing to her. she absolutely HATES it. There is no worse punishment than when we all start singing Puberty puberty puberty! Here we come! lol I know I am a nerd I cant help it.