A Dozen Good Eggs

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

just another day

right now sophie is telling ben off because he has a toy she wants and he isnt just handing it over as she demands. he used to just give her anything she wanted even if he wanted it, even his FOOD! now he just ignores her while she whines and cries and carries on playing with the toy he had.

sophie is much less of a diva than when she came home. She is still bossy and likes her way but what kid doesnt like getting his way? yesterday she wanted to come in the bathroom with me and hug me while I was on the toilet and then wanted me to take her and rockabye with her. I did. she was so sweet. I had taken her pictures with her pretty dress and fancy new shoes (which she ADORES) and she just kept smiling at me and telling me she loves me and then laying her head down again. I love those moments when she lets me rock her. she is a busy girl, rightly so, most of the time.

Ethan got another note home the other day. now most parents gasp when their kid gets a RED note from school. our school is different. RED means husky high five which means someone was caught going beyond the expected and doing something kind generous respectful etc. for someone else. He has received about 4 since starting school. oh why cant he act that way at home???


  1. Such sweet smiles and such lovely red shoes!

  2. she is currently, at this very moment SLEEPING in her shoes.

  3. Way to go, Ethan! Auntie Jeannie is proud of you and your red slips. Sophie, you look lovely in your outfit and ruby red shoes (don't click them together, else you might be lifted off, back to the Ukraine :-) )
    (Our kids used to get blue slips - not good - I could have papered their bedroom with them.)

  4. love the new shoes!! so cute :)
    way to go Ethan!