A Dozen Good Eggs

Monday, February 13, 2012

All for Alicia

I moved the giveaway to its own page. Allforalicia.blogspot.com Please check it out and share it! lets raise enough money for this little girl that someone would be able to adopt her without a great hardship.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

All for Alicia

All For Alicia Giveaway!

For every 5 dollars donated to Alicia's fund at Reecesrainbow.org your name goes in a hat to win one of the awesome donations below.

In addition to the items below, there is a 50 dollar gift card for Michael's! Let's make sure this little girl doesnt go to an institution for the rest of her life. Doesn't she deserve a home?

disclaimer: all monies donated go directly to Reecesrainbow.org. This is not MY adoption, I am raising funds for this child's grant in hopes that it will help someone to adopt her.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

All For Alicia

Alicia is a little girl on Reecesrainbow.org who is scheduled to be moved in August to the institution.
For every 5 dollars donated, your name will go into a hat for some great prizes! Don't let Alicia go to a mental institution. Doesn't every little girl deserve a mama?

I will soon be posting photos of all the great prizes. some of the prizes are a 50 dollar gift card for Michael's craft store, quilts, and tote bags. Various other prizes will be included as well!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

another day another doctor appt!

saw surgeon today. everything seems fine. no need to see him again until Dr Shepherd d/c my antibiotics. then See him to get Hohn out. see Dr. Shepherd tomorrow. sadly he also told me that even a little bit of alcohol, like half glass of wine, could set off my pancreas. so now wine is on my list of forbidden things. so many foods are now forbidden. I only just discovered wine a few years back. love it. I do not drink to excess but I do like the taste now and then. but now I cant. at least for a good long while. I dont think I would try it any time soon. my blood work is showing improvement. so I am getting better. from the pancreatitis as well as the abscess. and now I am ready for a nap. whew! looong morning! got kids out the door, did my infuzion, tossed on clothes, ran to appt(rather I drove), then had to walk over to pharmacy to pick up some of the kids meds. and down to a different building to get Ben's AFO fixed. all that walking wore me OUT! I am going to nap before anyone comes home and wakes me.