A Dozen Good Eggs

Saturday, January 9, 2010

our first trip with the kids

The kids are loving this hotel thing. Tonight we ate out again at Boca de Beppo. They swam ALL AFTERNOON! and were exhausted and begging to go home to bed. Ben fell asleep on the toilet. Ethan, mr ADHD and never sleeps, was begging me please please please take him back to the hotel so he could go to bed. WOW! Today was the first time ever in the pool for Sophie and Ben. they loved it AND Ben is already swimming! I mean like moving himself forward arms and legs going! He had a floater thing on but at first he kept on rolling over but then he figured out the balance and I bet that took a lot of core muscles. he swam and swam and swam. Uncle Bob and Aunt Jeanne came to play and the kids had fun playing with them and they brought yummy treats. Thanks uncle bob and aunt jeanne for a fun afternoon! Unfortunately I didnt get any photos because my hands were kind of full of children.

Tonight at dinner the waitress asked me if all these kids were mine. I smiled and said yes they are ALL mine. she asked their ages and when I told her 13,7,6,5,4, and a 15 at home, she bout fainted. she said wow you are brave. then she looked at sophie and said you must be the baby of the family. I smiled and said yep! for now! I think the poor thing nearly had heart failure. she smiled and said wow! and then carried on and went on her way. This is the first time we have spent a lot of time out with all the kids so its funny to see the reactions. The other people in our dinner party all knew our kids or about our kids so there were no surprises there. It is sort of fun to shock people. = )

I didnt get to talk to mom today. it was too busy. But I am sure she is working hard in rehab and doesnt want to talk anywyas.


  1. Haha, it must be so much fun having all those kids! If I ever see a big family I tell them that I want one that big too!

  2. molly they are tons of fun except Mr ADHD is having a hard time. but the others are thinking its great. they loved the pool.

  3. We had a very fun time with all of you - what a great break from the cold - I could have stayed in the hot tub all afternoon! But, how could one say "no" to Ethan's plaintive, "c'mon, let's go back in the pool!". Wow, it's fun to watch kids LEARN right in front of you...from Kristi's underwater hand stands (toes pointed), Ethan's underwater somersaults AND handstands, Maia's swimming underwater to me with ONE breath, Ben's dog paddle and floating without tipping over and little Sophie's no fear at going underwater - 1-2-3!
    Oh, and all those WONDERFUL smiles and laughter - thanks for the "grandma fix" - chased all the January blahs away! - Jeannie

  4. SO glad you enjoyed yourself. we sure did too! and all the help getting everyone dressed again was VERY appreciated. sure was a lot of fun.

  5. Sounds like a blast!! I always wanted a BIG family. We are hoping to some day adopt.