A Dozen Good Eggs

Friday, January 29, 2010

another trip to the store

Each of the new kids have been to the grocery store with me alone here and there. and they both had that great adventure going to target in their double stroller and being amazed by the sights there. Today we went to Pamida. Just the 4 of us. Sophie Maia Ben and Mama. I wasnt sure how it was going to work. I needed dog food. and hand soap. and little step stools for the kids to sit on in the shower.

I usually buy BIG bag of dog food so I didnt want to put them in the double stroller and push a cart too. but I didnt want Ben to walk I wasnt sure how he would do. thankfully no one goes to Pamida at 9am. I put Sophie in the infant seat on the cart. she fits just right in there and I figure she is smaller than many american infants. and Ben walked along with Maia. Yes he touched darn near everything. BUT he put it back when I said to and he didnt ask to have anything, only marveled at the things in wonder. he toddled along very closely and didnt once get left behind. he is such a sweet boy. Sophie did fine. she was mostly quiet and observant but asked questions when necessary. so we got our shopping done and home in time for lunch and a nap and to wait for the plumber.

Sophie says WHAT? all the time and I dont know if she doesnt hear me or if she is playing with me. I will have to test her on that later after nap time. I have this very precise way of testing my kids hearing. I turn my back and whisper do you want ice cream? or Do you want candy? they almost ALWAYS start hopping up and down saying I want ice cream!! not once have I had a "suddenly hearing impaired" kid fail the test.

on another note, I am tired of winter. please make it go away.

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