A Dozen Good Eggs

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

funny kids

yesterday at target was the first time sophie and ben had been to that kind of store. They kept pointing and yelling I LIKE YOU! I LIKE YOU! and then they would see something else and point anotehr direction and say I LIKE YOU! I LIKE YOU! I laughed and laughed. Ben has started singing tinkerbelle tinkerbelle tinkerbelle HEY! to the tune to jingle bells. jingle bells tinkerbells whats the difference anyways? lol.

Sophie slept with her new shoes last night. she got the most darling shiny patent leather RED shoes and she LOVES them.

Maia got some new clothes and was very happy picking them out. she so needed new clothes.

Ethan got a new jacket that will make my life a lot easier. his old one for whatever reason has been a problem since the first day I bought it. the zipper sticks the sleeves pull out the extra cuff gets messed up and bugs him its too tight at the wrist for him to wear a long sleeve shirt because he cant stand when it rides up his arm if he doesnt hold it all the way to the cuff. He positively squealed when I gave it to him and then wore it for a good hour IN THE HOUSE not wanting to take it off. he got some needed new pants too.

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