A Dozen Good Eggs

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

dirty words

our beautiful precious princessa has been calling other kids suka. ok so what. until I found out what suka means! Ben was very upset because she said it to him. and she gloated about it. the more he cried about it the more she said it. so I looked it up online. ahem. my daughter, my lovely beautiful daughter is calling her siblings bi*ch. oh lord. what other words is she saying?


  1. O Wow! Even with a Russian speaking teenager I didn't know that one! I do know a few others however...Is there another word you can give her to replace it? I always said it was good when both kids first came home that no one could understand the rude things they were saying in front of them.

  2. I told them no more of that word it isnt nice. and this afternoon someone said it again and I dont know which so I said next time is a time out. and ben started crying. he is SO tender. I held him and explained no time out NOW but SUKA= time out if I hear it again.

  3. Our Jon Felipe had been removed from his family by protective services and placed in an orphanage with other children removed under similar circumstance. The child can swear like a sailor. Two years later, we are still having to do time-outs for bad language. At first, the time-outs seemed to increase the number of bad words, but now he uses them pretty rarely and only when he's really mad at us - pretty much what you'd expect from any kid.