A Dozen Good Eggs

Thursday, September 24, 2009


I really expected behaviors from the newest members of the family, who are not yet home. I expected a little bit of trouble from the kids already home when they arrive. What I had not expected is for Ethan to be so angry at me for leaving him for two weeks to go to Ukraine. He is acting out all over the place. He says he isnt mad at me for leaving but he is either stuck to my side like glue or yelling at me the entire day long. At this moment he is in his room in time out for his attitude. He snarls at me when I tell him anything, good or bad. I asked him to stop so we could talk but he kept on. so off to his room instead of out to play. he is so hyper. I think he has grown so much his medication needs a change. I find myself saying CALM DOWN a lot during the day. Yesterday I took him out with me, just the two of us and he was grumpy and even surly the whole afternoon. I even took him to McDonalds and he wouldnt eat. Said he had a belly ache. This was exactly 5 minutes after he said yes he is hungry. I can only hope that the new ones behaviors are not nearly as difficult to deal with as Ethan is. If they are, I will be pulling my hair out. I guess we can just institute mandatory naptimes if necessary. Ethan napped in the car for more than an hour yesterday and he rarely ever sleeps in the car. maybe he just isnt feeling good. this mothering thing is so hard! You are always asking yourself if you are doing it right.