A Dozen Good Eggs

Saturday, January 16, 2010

186$ in paint and supplies

2 hours painting the basement walls with teenaged son.
1 hour trying to get all the paint out of the rollers.

having your husband come home and tell you he doesnt like the color: priceless.

does he have a better color in mind? no. he just doesnt like this one. it is a chocolate milk color. timberline I think its called. I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! but it is across from a wall that is hunter green. even if I paint that wall the brown color he thinks it will feel like a cave.

went on to paint the girls room. oops forgot to take down the border. spent the rest of the afternoon pcking that damn thing off the wall and it still has a section that is undone. So I guess tomorrow will be another day spent painting. and then to finish the basement walls I have to remove a border on a wall in there too. grr. I dontknow what they stuck them on with, super glue maybe. I have redone two wallpapered kitchens and never had THIS much trouble peeling the wallpaper border off!


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  2. How did you get Cody to paint with you? My boys would still be fighting over painting a room well after Jeanne had the room done.

    Jeanne's solution to my not liking a pain color was to say "That's nice. Pick out a color and pain the damn room yourself." After 40-years of marrage, I now say I like everything she does as long as I don't have to get involved in her projects. Works for us