A Dozen Good Eggs

Friday, January 15, 2010

not a good day

still mad and still reeling from yesterdays doctor appt where they pretty much said Sophie would never walk(upsetting to hear, but we arent giving up). got up this morning and the kids wouldnt eat their breakfast. I found out why at lunch, the milk was turning bad. Eric JUST BOUGHT IT LAST NIGHT! Of course I didnt find out it was bad until I poured it into cups and then had to pour it all back into the gallon to return to the store. I sent Maia out to play with Ben and she got into some deep snow and got her boots stuck so she just sat there yelling and crying so I finally went out there and lost my own shoe in the snow(bare feet of course) so I had to leave her there in the snow with her one foot out of her boot and go get some boots on. my shoe is still out there somewhere. I guess I wont get it back until spring. darnit I liked those for taking out the dog. anyways I got boots on and went back out there and tried to yank her out ripping her jacket in the process, soaking my pants in snow up to my knees, managed to free the other stuck boot. sent the crying princess indoors. she does this EVERY TIME because she so hates to go outside and play. Ben on the other hand cant seem to get enough of it and even with his arthrgryposis he manages to get himself around and play for hours. I expect he will still be out there when the bus comes carrying Ethan in another hour. so now I am soaked, her leg is frozen, my shoe is missing, her coat is ripped, and by the way your daughter will never walk.


  1. and it is only noon time.

    As bad as it seems, it could be worse. You could be in Hati.

    My first reaction to Sophie not walking is that it is the opinion of one doc and there are others out there. And if she doesn't ever walk she is still one wonderful child.I know you and Eric aren't going to give up

  2. no we arent giving up. and yes she is a doll baby. she goes around saying can I hug? can I hug? and hand feeding the puppy lest the poor thing should have to walk to her own bowl and eat. I was more upset about the snow thing than the doctor thing but when you add it all together it makes you go GRRR!!! we will be seeing another doctor, not sure who or where or when. and about Haiti, gosh I feel terrible for those people. Maia is engrossed in watching the news about it and trying to understand as much as her little 5 year old mind can that these people have NOTHING left.

  3. God is the last answer on Sophie, praying someone has compassion and gives you some real guidance. Is there horse therapy near you? I don't blame Maia, I hate snow now that I've been without it for the last nine years living outside of Seattle! Don't have to shovel the rain!
    HUGS being sent your way!

  4. Praying the doctors are wrong, but even if they aren't she will have a wonderful blessed life here with you as her parents, instead of no hope where she was. Also, as I recall, several of our RR kids were told they would never walk, oh how they love to prove doctors wrong! May Sophie prove him wrong!

  5. Hey you...sounds like you could use a good night sleep, a day out for yourself and some good old fashion rest & relaxation. I know, easier said than done. Somedays, it can all be very overwhelming. I woke up to the Lasagna mess Isaac made when he snuck down stairs before the rest of the house was awake this morning. He took it out of the frige, out of the dish and painted our floors. I must say, having our dogs came in handy this mornng, lol. I hope your feeling better soon & that the bug leaves your home without making anymore stops :) (he was here in our home last week...no fun at all!) Thanks for being real too. It's a breath of fresh air to read that other moms posts who show the realness. Feel better quick!