A Dozen Good Eggs

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

still here still waiting

ten billion things to do and here I sit doing nothing. I got the boys room fairly organised the other day and packed away a lot. spent HOURS in the girls room making sense and its STILL a disaster!!! A GREAT BIG DISASTER! Do you have any idea how much stuff 5 girls can pack in a room?!!

still hoping for a close date of july 12 or 13. DYING for it is more like it. but all is dependent upon the weather. need decent weather for the septic to get done. no septic no close. so I hope it stays warm!!! Cant wait to be in our new house!!!

I am chucking things left and right in hopes of making life easier on the other end. if it has no use, or if no one uses it, there is no need to keep it. broken toys, clothes stained or outgrown, toys outgrown, crappy mcdonald toys, books missing pages, color books past their prime.

our friend Maggie had a baby boy so I have to go cook something up for her before we go camping tomorrow. still need to load the van and finish packing for that. need to make grocery list for camping. better just get busy. it isnt gonna do itself!

Friday, June 24, 2011

appraisal done! survey almost done! septic to start soon!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My husband probly thinks Im nuts

but I think todays behavior (as well as last nights) is directly related to the ice cream party yesterday. Andre in particular falls apart after ANYTHING. today though ALL of them are crabby mean nasty in bad moods and generally UNFUN! I feel the same way. Last night was ice cream social to say goodbye to Eric(for the community, at the clinic). It was nice there were lots of people who came and told him how much they appreciated his work and that they would miss him. the kids had bowl after bowl of ice cream. with sprinkles. cherries. cherry juice. cookies. lemonade. I let it be their dinner. We had apples and peanut butter later as a snack but I knew if I made dinner no one would eat it. myself included. I had a belly ache all eve. Andre didnt listen and fell apart and ended up in bed. Ethan couldnt focus and read or listen. completely unable to pay attention. wild giggly girls.

Fast forward to today. older kids beating smaller kids, not listening to mom then pouting when Mom comes down on them for it(by saying ONE! TWO! I never got to three)flipping out when mom says to DO something. Being mean to each other, talking back, impatient, whiny, crying over everything, letting the dog out because they WERENT LISTENING WHEN I SAID STOP! emotional warfare(dont be friends with____) ignoring someone talking to them. sulking whenever something isnt exactly as they want, and did I mention impatient? all of these things are kid stuff, we see all of it now and then but today I have seen ALL OF IT ALL DAY! THAT is a bad day.

One boy has trouble with food dyes. again my husband thinks I am nuts but red dyes and blue dyes make this boy crazy. and he has been true to form. if I give him red or blue he shows effects for two to three days after. EVERY TIME. I never remember until the fall out. but I always recognise it when I see it. Last night He had dozens of marachino cherries, filled with red dye. today? monster.

I guess I better go offer up some snacks before they mutiny and join forces against me instead of focusing on their own injustices.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

more waiting

I want to be done!!! we are agreed as to what will be done by whom but still it takes time for all to be done. I believe we are on schedule to close July 13. none too soon!! I dont want to wash dishes anymore. I want to put them in dishwasher. I dont want to shower I want to take a long relaxing bath. I dont want to carry little Miss Thing to the bathroom all the time. I want to just let her wheel herself. I want the fenced in yard for dogs so letting them out in mornings is so much nicer. as of now we take them on leash outside at 5am to do business. and back in eat drink and back in crates until 8 or 9 then back out on leashes to be tied out awhile. wouldnt it be easier to open a door and let em go? I want to be able to find what I need when I want it. as it is here I often have to drive many miles to get what we need. not to mention the overpricing on what IS available. I WANT TO MOVE! people say oh we are so sorry to see your kids go. people say to E oh we are so sorry to see you go. wouldnt it be nice if someone, ANYONE was sorry to see ME go? at least I can have some space and ability to get things I need to do things I enjoy. provided we ever MOVE!!!!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


an agreement?

we counter offered to her counter offer. sounds like she is going to take it but nothing in writing yet. realtor just called. more waiting I guess.

Monday, June 13, 2011


Still no idea when we will move. Oh I know when ERIC will move. but as to when WE will move I havent any idea. still negotiating on the house. the septic needs replacing. Eric starts his job July 6. so he will go off to our new city and stay with my brother while we stay behind here and do....we'll what we do every day. a little bit of this a lot of that. clean house cook serve and clean again. I am not looking forward to his leaving. Chrysta will go to band camp shortly thereafter. then a couple weeks later she and cody and ethan go to their other summer camp. Thats the last week in July. If we are not in the new house by then I will be completely on my own with 7 kids including the little miss who cant walk or take herself to bathroom or up and down stairs. You ever take 7 kids grocery shopping? no one else to count on for anything. not even in the evenings. at least now eric comes home at the end of the day. we have no date for closing. no end in sight. hell for all I know we could still be here come September.

plannin to camp over fourth of july weekend but no one to watch the dogs. 40 dollars a day to send them to kennel IF they even have room for them as its a bit late to make reservations for 4th of July. Maybe Cody will want to stay home and take care of them for the weekend. he never wants to go with us anymore anyways. we cant take them with because they bark at everyone that goes by. Terra gets loose all the time and runs off and doesnt listen. Cant imagine them in a tent. would have to haul their GIANT kennels. Maybe the neighbor kid will put them out. He is usually around. but he has a real job now so maybe not. like I said, no one to count on.
no real friends here except Maggie and Jay and they will have a new baby by then. maybe Eric can take them all camping and I will stay home and take care of the dogs. yeah like THAT would happen!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

The garage

well the garage is all clean and tidy and organised. the back of the car is filled with junk for the thrift store. Eric decided since he was on call today we should clean the garage. and what do you think happened halfway through the job? he got called in. so I finished it myself.

so here I am inside now wishing I could make the inside of the house as sparce and organised as the garage is. but you can imagine 12 people's junk takes up a lot of space. I keep trying to get rid of it but I swear it multiplies faster than I can ditch it. And then there are kids who reclaim things. and my dear husband who cant bear to tell a child NO and lets them take HIS crap and garbage and junk for their own. Then I have to be the bad guy and get rid of it later when they still want it! perhaps they will all become hoarders someday because at the orphanage nothing was ever theirs. and here, well a lot of stuff is community property and for sanities sake mom might ditch your good junk when you arent looking. We are moving in less than 2 months. some of this has to go!!! I think our kindergarten teacher is retiring because the kids came home with all sorts of stuff from their classroom. wall hangings, posters, felt board stories, tshirts that say Isle Wahkon on them.

well I guess I should go do the dishes so I can cook dinner. probably wont get a lot of purging done since I am the only adult or even semi adult here right now and the kids seem to be needy today. which reminds me. my mom had this great idea. take a number. so if everyone is talking to me at once then I tell them take a number. then I can finish what I started and then in an orderly fashion hear what they have to say. My hope is that they will get tired of waiting and solve some of their own problems. if not at least I can hear them each without listening to chaos!

Friday, June 3, 2011

last day of school!

today is the last day of school for the year. its also our last day in this district. and the trash man just came and waved as he always does. will miss that. anyways the last day! I can hardley believe it and yet I am so excited that its here. the kids are excited too. Natasha thought I would be upset to have them here all the time. Not so. I like when they are here. I do not like getting everyone out the door in the morning. There are always stragglers. There are always boys who dont want to get out of bed. (*ironically none of the girls) hoping for a relaxing summer. Last night for Ethan's bday we had a fire out back and cooked weenies. then came in and had cake. Ethan got super soaker water guns and a tball set. and a car his sister bought him. Eric cut down a few trees and made them haul the braches to the firepit for burning. You would think that hard labor, a fun time at the firepit, hot dogs, cake, and a whole lotta outside time would make for sleepy kids. in the case of the boys NOT SO!

Our new house is going into negotiations today. Hope to hear something soon, but dont really expect to hear before monday. Hoping for some pool time tomorrow if the weather is nice. every time we have planned that it rained. so we are hoping for rain tomorrow. yes I said rain. if we hope for sun it rains. so we are hoping for rain, maybe that way we will get sun.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


I made up these cute little cards and they just pick one. on the other side is a chore. whichever card they pick thats the chore they do. I guess I finally figured out no one is going to come to me and say Mom lets do chores! so I just have to make them. if we all do chores together it takes 10 minutes to make it look clean in here. so one card says sweep, one says trash(that means pick up all stray trash on the floor. you would be surprised how much accrues in one day!), one says shoes(toss all the shoes in shoe cabinet), one says toys(pick up all toys), one says laundry(again just pick up stray laundry and toss in laundry room), and stairs(clean the trash and whatnot off stairs.), and books(gather all the books and put back on shelf) takes ten minutes tops. after the vacuuming we dump all the clean clothes on the floor and each kid takes their stuff. Anything left after Last Call goes away. so far only a few stray socks and underpants that have already been through several kids have been tossed. It was so nice the other day to come home to a clean house since we did chores before we left for the day. its a start. the clothes in their rooms is still a problem. but there are just too many kids in each room. 5 girls in a room have a LOT of clothes! 4 boys also have a lot(altough less since I took out long sleeved tops and heavy sweaters) so when we move there will be no more than 3 in a room. THAT will help. pick up some dressers at goodwill when we get there. THAT will help. there just isnt enough space here.