A Dozen Good Eggs

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

well its wednesday again

not that wednesday is much differeant than tuesday or monday. Kids had preschool today. they love it. its just SO COLD when I have to load and unload them. Chrysta is off ice skating again. I am home wrapped in my cozy fluffy new bathrobe. Ben is trying to figure out why "pajama" when it isnt bedtime.

I talked to my mom. She is at Miller Dwan rehab. I think its going to be a long haul for her there. They are really pushing her to do things. She still hurts a lot. Her brain seems to be fine though. thats a relief.

Nothing really is new around here. same stuff different day. Eric is on call so its pizza night. This weekend we are going to a conference in the cities. We went last year and it was FREEZING cold. SOOOO COLD! We had Ethan and Maia only. Its amazing to think how they have grown since then. Will have to scrape up some swimsuits for the kids and we can alternate swimming and laying in bed watching cartoons and going to McDs for lunch all while Eric goes to his classes. Then one night we will go out for dinner with the other attendees from Eric's organization. Cody doesnt want to come along. Guess he is growing up. Wants to hang out at home and take care of the dogs rather than spend the weekend locked in a hotel with us lol. The only down side is now that the kids go to school we cant go with Eric on Friday(and there arent enough seats in the van anyways. ) so we will drive down after school on Friday. maybe I will pick them up early or at the very least pick them up right after school rather than wait for the bus.

I really should call Tiffany and see if she is around this weekend. She could bring Mikey and Bella over and play in the pool with us.