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Monday, January 25, 2010

monday monday cant help that day

yesterday was not a nice day. nor was saturday night a nice night. bad sick. feeling better today thank goodness. but still exhausted and a trip across the room leaves me needing to sit down and take a break. The little kids have preschool today and its cold and windy and I dont know if I have the energy to put them all in the shower(which will be cold because everyone else has already showered and gone for the day)and haul everyone to the car and then to the school only to come back two hours later and haul them all home again. At least on the way home I would have cody to help me. it exhausts me just to think about it. I need a nap already and its only
8am. Havent eaten except a little chicken noodle soup last night. Afraid to eat. I dont usually eat breakfast this early anyways. Eric was on call last night so he will be home shortly to grab a shower and go to work. which means my shower will be doubly cold I guess. That is if I can manage the energy to get evreyone undressed and in there.

It is very quiet here without Ethan. I could almost pull a snooze on the couch....maybe a little sesame street.....

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