A Dozen Good Eggs

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

all over the place

whenever you ask ben "can you say ______" he says "da" but not _____. which is histerically funny to me. His dad just asked him if he could say "strong like the cow" and he said "da."

Ben and Sophie (along with the other kids) each have a blanket made special for them by Mama. Maia drags a blanket around but not the one I made her. Sophie and Ben dont really care about their blankets if it isnt bedtime but if it is bedtime any blanket will do. no special attachment to mama'a blanket. but today Sophie was crying and Maia gave her the pink blankie I made her and Ben was crying so I gave him the blue and red one I made him and they hugged them and cuddled them and Ben wrapped up in his and wore it like a warm cape for the rest of the morning. he was chilly. I had a revalation though, a duhh moment. Sophie cant drag her blanket around. Not because of her hands or legs or diagnosis, but because she cant climb into the crib to get it and it never occurred to me to get it out! sometimes Mama is a bit slow about these things! When I put her to nap she wanted that blanket. just that blanket. not the other one she usually sleeps with. so now I have three blanket babies.

I made them playdough and Ben keeps saying this is the snow. squishing it is good for his hands. He is having a great time rolling it out and putting patterns in it with other toys. I have been hesitant to make any because it becomes such a mess but they are having such a good time. Maybe I will save it for naptime play. entertains maia and ben and keeps them fairly quiet.

Ben is so clumsy he falls on Sophie sometimes or steps on her. Today the poor thing he cried more than she did when he stepped on her hand. he felt so bad.

school yesterday was a success. Except I forgot to tell cody which bus to take home. I happened to run into him picking up Sophie and Ben so I took him home with me and told him which bus. He could have asked his sister though. She knows the bus number of half the kids in town so certainly she could have told him which one to take. But they both came home happy. Ethan on the other hand didnt. he got into trouble at school. only a little trouble. and really quite typical kind of trouble for kindergarten. He got a warning because he was being too loud. there are several steps beyond a warning, each successively worse than the last. He got a warning. that is the very first level. so basically a reminder. He also likes to chat alot(imagine that, Ethan talking too much)Although in speaking with his teacher she said he is doing fine. that was the first time he had gotten a warning. and academically he was doing just fine. he just needs to work on listening, being quiet and doing what he is told when he is told. ie: do your work when its work time. In typical Ethan fashion, the bus driver saw me taking Cody and asked if I wanted to take Ethan too and I said whatever Ethan wanted was fine. he said he wanted to stay on the bus so I let him ride the bus and met him when he got home with a big hug. and he was mad at me for not taking him home with me. cant win.


  1. Ethan sounds a little like my youngest boy, Eric. He was a talker and still holds the all time record at Earl Brown School for "pink slips" These are given for mis-behaving. I think he was bored and just wanted to talk to get over his boredom over the topics being taught.

  2. I think Ethan is bored at school too. he is well beyond the things they are doing. he can read and add and subtract and they are doing things like "circle the picture with 3 balls"