A Dozen Good Eggs

Monday, December 14, 2009

I didnt realize the 4 year old attitude started so soon

Ethan was a terror at 4. Maia was a monster and I questioned my sanity in having kids. I knew that Sophie would find her "four" I just didnt realize it would be so soon. She is generally happy in the mornings. today she is sour. and now she is already back to bed. Her nap yesterday was interupted/canceled by Ben barging into the room waking her up. Late to bed last night. School this afternoon which means she will get no nap then. and right now she is falling all over having screaming tantrums so I put her back to bed. I dont know if she will take a nap this early or just lay there and scream at me but she has been here long enough to know that screaming tantrums are not ok and they get you a trip to your bed. so maybe she will settle in a couple minutes and fall asleep. maybe not. At any rate this is not like her. or maybe it is like her and all the days before this were not like her. I am pretty in tune with her so my take is she is overtired.

Must be monday, Chrysta forgot her lunch and came running back up the driveway to get it. Ethan wasnt far behind, he forgot his backpack. The bus is here right now so I hope they have everything they need.

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