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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Cold 'nuff for ya?

brrr. plenty cold for me! I am really ready to be done with winter and it only just begun! I am a southern soul trapped in a northern body! how many years till Eric retires? I like to worship the sun. I like to play in the sun. heck who am I kidding I am happy just to SEE the sun!!! where is it? havent seen it for days. cold dark dreary winter days. blah on snow. blah on cold. blah on the weight gain because its too cold to get out!!

ok debbie downer is done for now. On to other important matters of the day. All pressent say Aye! AYE! great. I am here. so everyone got up early today and thus there are some cranky children afoot. Some of the cranky children went off to school, yes school is in session here, snowbedamned. That leaves me 3 cranky kids at home. They are supposed to go to preschool this afternoon but it is COLD! and blowing! and I just dont know if its worth it. Ben cant wear boots. well at least not unless I spend 20 minutes trying to cram his crazy foot in there. and sophie obviously needs to be carried. USUALLY the sidewalks at school are clear so if i park in the no parking lane(hey! everyone else does it!) I might be able to get them in with minimal trouble, getting them out again is different. The buses park there and I would have to park in the lot and haul them across the lot by myself. Maia takes the bus home. I cant wait until they get services so THEY can deal with transportation!!I am surprised they havent cancelled preschool altogether.

the poor dog is so cold he is hiding in my sweatshirt. WHILE MY SWEATSHIRT IS ON ME!! he loves to cuddle up and be warm. he has a new place to nap. Since we got a new high chair from Maggie for Sophie, Ben has taken over the old one. He eats much easier there. Now when Sophie sat in it, the dog never tried to get into it. But now that it belongs to his buddy Ben when Ben gets down, Dog gets in. He curls up in the seat and takes a nap. Fabio is a frou frou dog. My brother in law says any animal less than 150 pounds is a waste of carbon. I disagree. He is my best little buddy.(Fabio, not my brother in law) Until the kids came home he slept with me and was by my side all day every day. we spend more time togehter than I get with my husband! men do not understand the relationship between human and dog. Women see dogs as little humans who cant talk. Men see dogs as animals who have potential. case in point, Ben and I watched a video of a man with a golden retriever who danced with him. A woman would never do that. Men are from Uranus. Women are from earth.

I am feeling somewhat bah humbug this year. I used to make fudge for the nurses. I used to bring them treats. This year I dont think I will. With the kids I dont have the time or energy. and even if I did, I would just feel taken for granted. so why expend the energy?

What is with boys and purses? Ethan used to carry around the pink fuzzy purse(with a dead mouse in it. for real) and now Ben has the red sparkly purse with rhinestones on it, carrying it all around the house. I told him its his Man Bag. but they still call it his purse. Good thing I am not a mom who gets bent out of shape about that stuff. Ethan alwyas had his nails done when he was small. everyone loves to wear the princess crown. Ethan refused to ever be the prince or king. He was the PRINCESS!
Maia, however, is not the princess. that is much too lowly a position for someone of her stature. She wants to be the queen. She also believes this will prevent her from doing chores of any kind. WRONG!

Well I guess I have recorded enough of the day for posterity. I can go do other things now. Like fold laundry. Take kids to bathrooms. Feed kids. Take kids to school. Bring kids home from school. Wash dishes. etc. yknow, the fun stuff.

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