A Dozen Good Eggs

Thursday, December 10, 2009

a good day for all

sophie and ben applied for their social security numbers this afternoon. I have to tell you that these two kids are the very BEST waiters. We waited about 45 mins to an hour and they were absolutely angels. Ben wandered a little back and forth and gave books and magazines to some people which was funny. they started giving them back to him to put away and he did. I gave him a paper and said hold on to my important paper, dont lose that! and he didnt. the entire time we were there he held on to it. It was really just a job for him to keep him busy more than it was important paper. Sophie read some books and sat in my lap a little and talked to Ben and screwed around with Maia. they were absolutely good as gold. and their ss cards should arrive in a couple weeks!

While doing the paperwork for the ss# we found two loose passport photos. JUST what I needed to send off the Ukraine paperwork. excellent.

to the mall! where they again just were really well behaved. We once waited 3 or 4 hours for something when in Kiev with them and they were good as gold that day too. They are just good waiters. they were in the double stroller at the mall. Sophie got a new winter jacket. and we had some peanut butter cups and a drink for a snack.

Then off to the orthodontist for consultation on Chrysta. she needs some work done and its not going to be cheap. Father of the year is supposed to pay half but I dont hold much hope of ever seeing that. he hasnt paid for anything in years. the kids just played toys while we talked. they were nervous about getting poked or something but when they saw it was just for mom and dad to talk they did fine. They let them pick a toy and sophie and ben each picked an american flag! ironic? yes. adorable? yes. and they didnt put them down all the way home. in fact they took them to bed with them!

on to the ride home. They were happpy most of the way. But maia chose bubbles and she really wanted to touch the flag. Sophie would scream at her thinking she was going to take it away(I presume). Then Sophie gave herself away. She let us know that she understands way more than she lets on. I told Maia to leave her alone and let her hold her flag. Maia said she only wanted to touch it and not take it away. I said Maia she just doenst understand! Sophie chirped "Nay ponemayu! Maia, nay ponemayu." translation I dont understand. so essentially she was saying Yeah maia I dont understand when she did understand all along! oh that squirt!

When we got home Ethan had presents for us. While we were gone he was home with Cody and Chrysta because we left before school got out. so while he was home he took paper and tape and wrapped up various toys and put them under the tree for us to open when we got home. He was very excited about this. it was pretty cute.

After a rushed dinner of cheesy eggs they went to bed and it wasnt 15 minutes and all of them were sound asleep.


  1. So jealous of their patience right now! and yes, she's a squirt, but cute!

  2. That's funny....Maxim picked an American flag at his last dentist visit too.

  3. they are SO attached to them. they carried them around all day today!