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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

yesterday was long

but you can read more about that at arthroadventure.

today the kids were so excited about school. they just love to go there. I actually went to the library after dropping them off and got a book. I think this is their last day for Christmas break. The big kids get done on Tuesday next week. Ethan and Ben were up at 4am again. ugh.

thankfully no one complained much about wearing the new splints to bed. we called them boots like the boots they wear on their feet(afos) Ben was very calm and willing and when he had his on we showed sophie and she couldnt wait to get hers on to be like ben. no complaints about it all night. I thought this was going to be like the AFOs where she would scream for about 3 days until she realized we are serious about this. but no she just went to sleep and slept all night. She is awful cute.

Ben has a bad habit of feeding the dog. he also has a new word, OK. and he says it the way a polish taxi driver who speaks no english would say NO PROBLEM! Ben dont feed the dog. OK! and then he feeds the dog.

today Ben unzipped his own pajamas AND climbed into the van himself. wow! and his stairclimbing is getting really good. I still dont want him downstairs, no real reason for him to be down there but at least I know he can get back up. He helps now with getting dressed too. he doesnt need the bathroom door open to use the toilet or wash hands. he used to panic if the door was closed. he has really come a long way.

Maia made a picture for her teacher today. it is cute. very sweet of her.

Chrysta had a big ole fit last night. She is really something. She was so wrapped up in wanting to argue I finally went to bed. Nothing I could say that wouldnt be the beginning of a new argument. She really made me mad though when I told her Santa is watching. (yes of course she knows the truth she is 13) she said she didnt care if she got only coal because her DADDY would buy her presents. umm yeah. is this the same daddy that sees you a couple times a year and is just too busy to have you over? and is this the same daddy that is supposed to pay for half of medical and activities and hasnt sent a dime in so many years I stopped bothering to bill it? is this the same daddy that some months doesnt send the entire amount of child support? Same guy who you had to call and BEG to take you to family thanksgiving so you could see your cousins and grandma and he had to rush you home again because he had plans? uh huh, let your daddy buy you presents then. I will take back all of mine. like the cell phone I pay for, the flute I bought her, the piano lessons I pay for, the roof over your head every night, the clothes I buy her, the ten pairs of shoes she has, the rides to every where she wants to go, all the other little things I do and buy for her. She has no idea. I was hoping she wouldnt inherit her father's temper. Guess she did anyways.

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