A Dozen Good Eggs

Thursday, December 10, 2009


of "our girls" and "the boys" that we left behind in Ukraine. Wishing we could send them a box of love for Christmas. I dont see how that would be possible but I think of them so often and hope they are well and happy. I dont know if they are allowed to play out in the snow but I hope they are. and if they aren't I hope they are enjoying the beauty of it outside their windows(if they have any snow yet) Do they have a Christmas tree in their room? Do they have pretty lights on them to look at? DO they know Santa Clause? or Kris Kringle, or whatever the Ukrainian equivalent to Santa is. Will they get any presnts on Christmas? even a pair of socks? it is easy to close your eyes and pretend you dont know what their life is like over there. But we spent so much time with them, playing, laughing, hugging, learning, taking pictures, roughhousing, swinging that I can't forget. They have touched my heart and I can not ignore that. Others may be able to shut that part of their life our of their minds. I can not. These are children. Mere children. They are completely dependent. They can not "get a job" they can not choose to eat more or more often. Everything is controlled for them. And yet they have so little. it breaks my heart. and from here, there is next to nothing I can do about it.

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  1. My kids knew about Santa Clause, but said he wasn't "real" in Ukraine because he never brought them presents, but they know he is going to be real in America!!