A Dozen Good Eggs

Friday, December 18, 2009

a couple interesting turns

Ben used to act as Sophie's caretaker when it comes to food. He would give her his food and if he didnt she would demand it and THEN he would give it to her. now they are seperated when they eat, each in a high chair of their own, at opposite ends of the table. Now when Ben finishes first he goes over to her and starts snacking from HER tray. boy does she NOT LIKE THAT!

Today my Benjamin Bunny took off both his pajama TOP and BOTTOM! and found himself a shirt and with help put it on, then found himself some pants and put them on and came to me for help with button and zipper. WOW! this kid was unable to feed himself very well and certainly not take off any of his clothes OR put them on just a mere two months ago!

Last night at the community Christmas dinner for food shelf a girl said hello to Cody. A GIRL! Now in my experience (yknow, cus I was a girl once) unless a boy is one you know well or hang with or talk to much you dont say hi unless you mean it. He barely knows her name, he doesnt even know if she is in his classes. and she said hi to him. HEAVEN HELP US!

Last night at the same dinner we got split between two tables. When the kids were busy running around their spots were cleared and given to a couple of officers who stopped in for dinner. Ethan returned to his spot to find two strangers in uniform. He wasnt afraid though he said HI! who are you!? Are you the Seargants? lol where did he learn THAT word?this kid has a vocab that will knock your socks off. I am consistantly amazed at the words he uses.

Ben on the other hand was very concerned about them being there. I took a moment and introduced him so he could see that they are the good guys and "our friends" I dont know what they hear of the police in Ukraine or what they are like but he was very worried about these two and I wanted to set the record straight. I always try to introduce my kids to police at events so they will know that if they ever need them they are good people and will help them.

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