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Friday, December 4, 2009

friday at last

Well its finally happened. last night we went to bed with a driveway. This morning we woke with a "snow way." yuk. Ben is so excited he just keeps squealing and then the dog starts barking because squealing Ben usually means someone is coming. chaos. all day long. actually it isnt that bad. the chaos I mean, the snow is most definitely bad. I am a southern soul trapped in a northern body! The kids drew with markers while in their high chairs for awhile this morning. Then they moved on to playdough. and pretty soon it was lunch time. and then Sophie to nap. and Papa comes home for lunch. and now Ben and Maia are watching a movie. Ben wants so badly to go outside in the snow. I have no boots that would fit over his huge clunker afos, they have built up heels on them, not flat. and he cant walk without them. and he lost his mitten the other night outside and we never did find it and now its under 2 inches of snow......

I was thinking of all the words that Sophie and Ben use now(English words) they say all the family members names
gamma puppy fabio stinky nigh nigh eat
scoot play piano dvd SNOW! milk
bye bye seeyoulater(sounds like see you laylow)
outside on off car bus school lunch story
book banana no "stop it!" "come back"
yucka toys home stay snack! killy(kitty)
OW! boots OPEN! LIGHTS! Amelica! One Two
Three Eleven Six baby booboo moo neigh cluck snort

I am sure there are others I cant think of. This has come a long way. We still resort to making our own sign language sometimes when they wont/cant speak english and wont/cant speak Russian. I am sure they will have some stories to tell us when they have the words...

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