A Dozen Good Eggs

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

ben says

I like you. if he has a toy he likes he says to the toy I LIKE you! and if we are looking at pictures on computer he points and says I LIKE YOU! I LIKE YOU! very cute. I like you too ben. right now he wnts my cell phone and I said nooooo and he said but I LIKE you! meaning he likes the phone.

He cant seem to remember the puppy's name so he calls her that one or this one. Mocha is whining her head off. and if she is in trouble she runs to Ben and hides in his lap. too funny.

Yesterday was not a great day. Saw my ex husband and got my insults, sophie barfed in the car on the way home from that interaction, and then I found out about Mom.
Today should be better, I hope. Puppy slept MOST of the night except when Maia came upstairs to tell me she didnt want to sleep alone. I told her she could turn on all the lights down there if she would just go to sleep! she napped in the car yest so she didnt want to sleep last night.

The guy who is supposed to work on our basement is coming today. so much for mandated naptime. cant expect them to nap when someone is banging around in the baseemnt.

Well I guess Ethan was wet last night. he wont tell me the truth about it. I have to find it on my own. he says yep I am dry! and then I find a soaking wet bed. I do not scold him for wetting. never have. but lying to me is not ok. I will scold him for that. for the life of my I cant figure out how someone who is up all night anyways can have a wet bed in the morning. if you are awake awake awake why cant you get up and go to the bathroom? GRR. that does not make me happy. He is the only one with this problem. and since he was wet yesterday the plastic sheet wasnt washed yet so his bed is now soaked. he doesnt care if he sleeps in wet bed. he doesnt care if he stinks. why do I care? sometimes I am really mad at Russia for making him who he is. he WAS a happy go lucky little boy. but over time before we could get him home he changed. he was nearly catatonic when we arrived to take him home. rocking and moaning. we didnt see any of this behavior in the first visit. he still rocks. everyone else always seems to know whats best for him but everyone else doesnt live with him. every day all day. thankfully he seems to do well in school, although even they have to remind him to sit on his bottom and eat.

Well I guess this post has become a bunch of different things rather than just Ben says. But thats ok since I am home alone with the kidlets today I can only talk to the computer because I dont really have any one else to talk to. now if it were only summer we could at least get out some!

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