A Dozen Good Eggs

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

oops! there she is.

Sophie had a minor relapse into the old defiant Sophie. But thankfully she has recovered and is happily watching little Bill with her sibs.

She got herself into a bit of trouble for returning to a place I told her not to go. I figured the lesson would be a little better remembered if she had to scoot herself out of that place rather than my carrying her. (because remember she was there one already and I did carry her and yet she returned) She refused to go. wanted me to pick her up. I have no doubt I could have picked her up and as soon as I put her down she would go there again. SO I counted to 3 and she refused to move so she did get a free ride out of there and straight to the time out chair. Time out for her is time out for me too because I have to stand in front of the chair with my back to her to keep her from flopping herself out of the chair. So I turned my back and started counting the seconds and blocked the chair's exit. By the time I got to three minutes she wasnt crying any more. I told her what she did to go in time out and wanted her to say sorry. She wouldnt look at me. But she did say sorry after a time. then she wanted me to rockabye her. so I did. REminded her I love her and she is still my baby. then she let me finish my breakfast. usually she is a sunny child. but occasionally, especially when she is tired(today!) that old defiant snotty "you cant tell me" Sophie sneaks out. maybe a nap would be more in order than school.

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