A Dozen Good Eggs

Monday, November 30, 2009

It is 1:30pm

and all is quiet. the kids are all at school. I could be napping. or watching tv. or something. but what am I doing? sitting her blogging. Sophie and Ben were happy to go to school and play. and Maia was thrilled to have them there and was very worried about Sophie being stepped on. I only told the teachers the words for potty and the word for return as in Mama will come back. Otherwise they are going to have to learn some English if they want to get their message across!

silence is what I hear right now. so quiet I can hear the leaky sink draining. I cant remember the last time I heard that much quiet. wow its nice. I could so get used to this! ok not forever but for a little while now and again its nice.

Piano lessons tonight for Ethan and Chrysta. Soup in the crock pot for dinner(which Ethan will complain loudly about) Dishes are mostly done. there is always laundry to do but I am choosing not to do it right now. I should be printing out my christmas letter and some other things I need to print/fill in. but I cant bring myself to do any of it. its just so nice to sit here with no one demanding anything of me.

I wonder how cody and chrysta are doing at their first day of school. They both have at least one friend in all their classes and its small town so they already know a lot of the kids. hopefully it goes ok. then when they get home the homework battle starts!


  1. I hear ya! Never has a mother more enjoyed the sounds of the school bus coming to pick the kids up for school!
    The English will come, one morning they will literally awake speaking paragraphs! For Z it was at 5 months home! Can't wait for more stories of success with you all! God bless!

  2. thanks! last night sophie said "NO PUSH SOPHIE!" to Ben because he was pushing her out of his way. and Ben when asked if he liked school said DA! and did you make friends? DA FRIENDS!! do you want to go back ? DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!