A Dozen Good Eggs

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

do you ever think

that you have given too much? that you just cant give any more? and that no one appreciates your giving anyways? whether its emotional physical or financial help, do you ever think why do I even bother?

The children are wonderful and I do not regret giving them a life and home. Its the other giving that is draining. it's the giving that has absolutely nothing to do with the kids. It seems I cant ever do it right. I try. But I just cant do it right. and I just cant do it anymore.

Nevermind this post. Just me feeling sorry for myself. The sky is probably going to drop two feet of snow for Christmas and we will have no family over, not to mention I dont like snow that much. I dont know when my boys are going to start sleeping. No end in sight. Which means no sleep for Mama. so no sleep, no nice weather to get out, no sunlight, no appreciation of your giving only negative feedback, makes me grumpy.


  1. I'm sorry you feel this way.. It does stink SO much to feel under appreciated! I know the feeling well. It's like, I was raised in a family where we go out of our way to help people, make other peoples lives easier, and yet the rest of the world is so hostile and mean!

  2. I am not a great one for advice but it seems to me that people have the right to feel sorry for them selves or unappreciated.
    Tam, we do the best we can and if people don't appreciate our attempts, well, screw’um.
    And frankly, two feet of snow, no family, kids still adjusting to America and your family, is enough to make me depressed so your coping quite well. Have a Merry Christmas. Jeanne and I will be up in your area this winter and maybe we can stop by. (Now that could be depressing)

  3. I truly think I have seasonal affective disorder. My mood depends on the amount of sunshine. This last two weeks haven't been very good for me. I am praying that stinking groundhog does not see his shadow. I HATE WINTER!!!!!!

  4. thanks shea I hate winter too and yes I totally am affected by the lack of sunshine! Uncle Bob we got your card today, you guys are always welcome here. even if you need a place to crash we have room. Molly, I am a giver. I give and give and give, just now and then it would be nice if someone cared that I did, yaknow?