A Dozen Good Eggs

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

sick sick sickk

wonder boys are still sick. wonder baby is better. big wonder brother and sis have it now. The wonder boys are the worst. whining and crying and NOTHING is right. cant go to the bathroom alone, cant open the door alone, cant drink the water alone, cant eat without help. just whine whine whine. I can see its going to take awhile AFTER the flu to get out of THAT habit. Ben just cries all day Ethan complains all day and asks me for every thing he sees a commercial for. Sophie is just crabbier than normal. she is crabby and bossy to begin with. its her general personality. Cody is just sleeping sleeping. Chrysta seems to be making a miraculous recovery. guess she just didnt want to do dishes!

I wish I had something to say besides sick kids. but my life is pretty consumed right now with sick kids! I would like to run away from home and not hold anyone! I would like my arms back thank you! I am feeling better but still get hot and cold and exhausted and then I have to take care of everyone else. ahhh a mothers job is never done.


  1. I hope everyone is all better soon. Your About Me still says mom to 4. lol