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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

back to the park

It was a decent enough day and I took the kids to the park for a walk in the woods. They love that and get so excited. This time I took Sophie in the ring sling. I would never do that again. ugh my shoulder still hurts! I love my mei tai sling. she does too. she wasnt real thrilled with this one. We saw TWO albino deer and about 30(altogether) brown deer. The campgrounds are closed to campers but the trails still go through them. We took some random trail and ended up in one of the campgrounds. there were deer there. we also saw 5 just driving into the park. Then we took another trail that led to anotehr campground and thats where we saw the two albinos. They love to get outside and get a little fresh air. Too bad I forgot my camera.

Maia's visit to the doctor went well. Her foot is improving. thats a good thing. No cast. but another appointment in 6 weeks just to make sure we are still moving forward.

Ben and Sophie will begin school on Nov 30 with the other kids. So that day 3 will go off on the bus and three will stay home with me until lunch. After lunch those 3 will go off to school and I will be FREEEEEE for a couple hours before I have to go back and get them. At this point I will have to pick up Sophie and Ben because they arent stable enough for the bus. Since they do not yet have an IEP or special ed qualification they can not get special transport. but thats coming in the future. Ben is very excited about going to school. He sees Maia and Ethan going off to school and gets bored without them. He wants to be a big boy and go to school too. Sophie isnt so sure. I will probably hang around awhile at school at first and see how things go.

Sophie and Ben and I were waiting for Ethan and Maia to return from school on the school bus. Sophie was adament that she would not be going on the bus. she was not going to be a big girl and not going to go on the bus. A fellow adoptive mom reminded me that "the bus" where she is from is your ticket to the institution. I bet she saw some of her friends leave on the bus and never come back! Also She spent a lot of her time with the adults, rather than with the kids playing so I can only imagine the things she overheard. She has had an education far exceeding what any 3 year old NEEDS to know! So for now Mama will drive the bus haha.

and another day is done and everyone is off to bed.

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