A Dozen Good Eggs

Thursday, November 12, 2009


has a very bad case of learned helplessness. she will not even TRY, with help, to do anything she deems unnecessary. this includes sitting herself upright from her back. rolling over. getting from point a to point b if she doesnt feel like it. so right now she is screaming at me as her crackers wait for her at the table. I wont go get her to carry her. she is ticked off. kicking things and screaming. She is much more content to sit and scream than to TRY to do anything. I know that rome wasnt built in a day and she isnt going to go from lying to sitting or dressed to naked, or even naked to dressed in a day. I am more than willing to standby assist but she wont even TRY! not even to lift her head from the floor or pull herself up using something stable. this is going to be a long long battle.

I just went over and offered again to help and forced her to do it(with my help) and then rewarded her with her cookies(crackers) and YAAAAYY! then I gave her the cup and she wouldnt even reach for it, wants me to put it in her mouth. umm no. you are fully capable and I have seen it a hundred thousand times. so I helped her use her arms to do it herself. and she wont let just anyone give her the cup. only me. if maia or someone else offers it she screams. but she CAN do it herself. this is not something she needs to learn she already KNOWS how. We use a cup that is appropriate for her ability and she has been doing it herself since shortly after getting her home.

She is a tough nut to crack. a spoiled nut at that. she is awful cute its hard not to spoil her but she IS nearly 4 and needs to start TRYING to be capable for some of the things she needs to do in life.


  1. Keep at it Tammy. I and Jeanne both enjoy your blog and admire you (and the rest of the family) for all you doing with the kids. It has to be tough but in 10 years, they will have a life that would not be possible without your help. Uncle Bob

  2. thanks uncle bob. we are hanging in there. have a great time in FL with the grandkids!!