A Dozen Good Eggs

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Out to Play or out to lunch

Ben and Ethan got to play out for a while today it was so nice. I took Sophie out after her nap and she played in the car and on the trampoline and absolutely LOVED the slide. She couldnt get enough sliding. but she came in willingly when it was time.

Eric is on call tomorrow and had clinic until noon this morning. After clinic he went off to visit Joshua who is in the hospital. Havent seen him since. Wonder if he is ever coming home. I adore the kids, I really do, but gees would it be too much to have another adult around now and then to talk to?

Chrysta has a friend over so she thinks all the rules are bent for her. I took away her laptop(old one, no net) because of her attitude the other night and she thinks I am going to hand it over because her friend is here. UMMM NO! she was supposed to bake pumpkin bars today and promised she would but when she FINALLY got around to it there wasnt enough eggs. and gasp! walk to the store and get some? are you NUTS???? so no pumpkin bars.

Ethan is really draining. and he is medicated. I wish it was monday so he could go to school. he had a few shining moments today but mostly he is surly and grouchy and bossy and completely incapable of having a decent conversation without blowing up. and its all on me. Eric will get home in time to eat maybe, in time to put them to bed maybe. or maybe not. I am glad he got to visit with Joshua but I am tired. I need time out too. gasp a DATE!unheard of. Ethan keeps blowing up at everything and everyone. Eric just never sees it. and Poor Ben seems to get the brunt of it. he (Ben)keeps coming to me and saying i love you mama while Ethan is blowing up. or if I talk sternly to Ethan he is there saying looblu mama. looblu! he does fine at school. no notes home. no problems that I have heard about. no teacher contacts. and yet at home he is the biggest brat. I think he has attachment disorder or something but no one else ever seems to think so. I dont know what else to think since its always on me. ONLY on me. he doesnt act this way at grandmas. or school. or with his dad. or church. only me. I go to bed every night sure that he hates me. he is only 7. How am I going to live until he is 18? he is currently in his room. again.


  1. Again. Big change in his life.

  2. I have two adopted boys from Ukraine-They are rotten to me to-just me. But physical work helps a lot. Try making him do 10 push ups, 20 jumping jacks or run around the outside of the house 5 times each time he disobeys---it did wonders for my boys.

  3. anne you dont know the home Ethan. he was like this before the kids even came home. and school is a huge change too but he does fine there. he does fine at grandmas he does fine at friends he does fine with his dad(AND sibs) its all directed at me.

    Cara this is the little Russian, the ukies are actually adjusting fairly well. I was thinking about something I read, a woodpile, he is only 7 so a couple small logs he can move from here to there when he blows up and back again when he blows up again. he actually is a very hard worker so he might really enjoy that.