A Dozen Good Eggs

Saturday, November 28, 2009

how cruel

to take the joy from a disabled child. Someone stole the toy car from our yard last night. Ben plays in that car every single day. he wont slide or jump or do anything else, he just wants to drive his car. I found it in another neighborhood. I knew it was our car because it was covered in blue chalk, my boys did that yesterday. I popped it into the back of my van. I tried calling the police to report it, but they didnt return my call. Yknow, Isle police are so attentive. I dont know if they even HAVE police coverage on saturday.

We put the tree up today. my new tree. I LOVE my new tree. it is 7.5 feet tall. There was room for most of my ornaments. Our old tree was so small. But I know there are things missing. Where could they have gotten to? Myabe there is a bucket we missed in the basement. Ben and Sophie were very excited about the tree. Ben came in from outside and it was lit up and he jumped and squealed. His face lit up. He keeps looking at the tree. Sophie had fun putting up ornaments but lost interest quickly, like the three year old she is. She hasnt really had much to say about the tree. Ethan and Maia had fun putting up ornaments. Maia wants to lie under the tree. I remember doing that as a kid. I would get up in the night and lie in front of the tree looking at the lights.

Eric is actually off this weekend so he took the kids out to shoot arrows this afternoon and then took Ethan hunting. Maia has some sort of ear infection and has a very sore ear. I will post a picture of the tree as soon as I can. I will also try to get and post a video of Sophie dancing. she is so funny and a great dancer!


  1. Hey, Eric, Tammi and kids:

    Happy after-Thanksgiving! Bob and I are on the road - we rented a house in Florda - Cape Haze - about 20 minutes from his Mom's assisted living facility. Two of our three sons and their families (five grandkids!) joined us for the week. It was great fun! They are flying back tonight and Bob and I are in Lake City, Florida, tonite at a Super 8. We hoped to get into Georgia tonight, but traffic going north on I-75 was stop and go for 40 miles. What a bummer! Hope you are all well - good luck in school next week! You will all do super well!

    Jeannie & Bob

  2. oh I am so glad you had a good time. been thinking about you guys being down there having fun! thanks for the good wishes for school. I think Mama is more worried than anyone else.