A Dozen Good Eggs

Thursday, November 19, 2009

busy day

shots today. and all sorts of scary stuff. they did pretty well considering what they have been through. they also had blood draws that didnt work out. so after all that fuss we have to go back another day and try again. Poor babies. Sophie keeps saying wa wa. I dont know what that means but she shows me her arm where she got poked and saying wa wa. I missed lunch and snack time, but they had lunch before we left and snack along the way. so I am starving! they are just tired because they missed nap time and now tonight is Chrysta's band concert. Not sure I want to even take them. they will be tired and cranky and expected to sit and be somewhat quiet....may not be a good combo....

Eric is sleeping. he was on call last night and I guess a walk to town and the doctor visits for the kids wore him out. Good thing dinner is in the crock pot. soup today.

Chrysta is not supposed to wear jeans for this concert and is just now informing me that she has nothing to wear. she might be wearing jeans after all. she cant wear my clothes yet, she is too skinny. and there is nowhere to get anything on such short notice. I dont encourage her to borrow from friends in the clothes department but I guess I have no choice this time. hopefully big H has something she can wear.

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