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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Funny Ben and Sophie

The dog was barking abd Ben started counting him to time out. lol
Sophie was on the toilet and pretending to snore and had her eyes closed. She was telling me she understood it was time for bed. They can be such a riot! and Sophie is becoming generous and I am so proud of her for that. There is always a certain toy that everyone wants. I made Ben let her have a turn with it after he carried it around for HOURS. he wasnt happy. She was carrying it around and not really playing with it just hanging on to it for the sake of having it. After quite a while I asked if Ben could have a turn and she initially said NAY! but I asked her again gently and didnt move to take it from her. and she changed her mind and handed it over to ben saying NA! NA! When she does this I grab her and praise her up and down and smile and show her how proud I am of her. This is the little girl that would be ready to take off your arm if you got close enough to take a toy. what a long long way she has come. I can also see her smile is more genuine now. her expressions are more real. and when I come home from anywhere, even just the basement she comes to greet me with hugs and kisses and very happy faces.

Ben is very sweet always. he shows his appreciation for the things I do for him. He gives me kisses and tells me he loves me when I do things for him. Yesterday his pants were soaked, his socks were soaked, even his unders were soaked from playing outside. I took the wet stuff all off. he was crossing his legs and saying piska! I asked piska brrrrr? he laughed at that. then started telling me something about godzilla piska! that cracked me up. I got him all dressed in dry clothes and he hugged me and kissed me and told me he loved me. Very sweet boy. when someone else is yelling he blows me kisses or hugs my arm. I sure do love that boy.

Ethan is having a hard time still. We decided to send him to school. Tht will give him some time away from the new sibs and a chance to make some friends of his own. While he isnt happy about that decision I think after a day or two he is going to love it. We also decided to send the other kids to school as well. its just too hard to juggle it all. upcoming medical appointments will be many and I wont have the time to keep on them about school. Ethan will start Monday and the other two will start on Nov 30 as thats when the trimester changes. Not much sense in taking the last two weeks of a class you wont get credit for and you missed the first two and half months!

Maia likes preschool but is nervous already about going to K next year. Ben and Sophie will probably join her in preschool soon. and Ben can go to K next year too so she wont have to worry about being alone. She loves her new sibs but wants to help Ben more than he needs. And Sophie still doesnt quite know what to do with a sister. sloooooow progress. yesterday when Maia came home from school Sophie said HI MAIA!! MAIA!!

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