A Dozen Good Eggs

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Last week we took the kids to the doctor for the first time they wanted blood for some necessary tests. After numerous pokes and no blood they sent us to the hospital. So yesterday I took Sophie. She screamed in my ear the entire time. and not a wail either, a high pitched shriek. She was absolutely panicked. she looked in my eyes one time and it was this wild pissed off terrified I hate you for doing this to me look. Thankfully they were able to poke around with their FINGER a lot before poking with the needle. They only stuck her once. but she wanted nothing to do with any of it. and there was no reasoning with her. she cried the entire time they were touching her. She was fine when it was done. stopped crying. went home and carried on with her day with little fanfare. but boy was I glad THAT was over.

Ben was today. not so much shrieking but lots of tears and crying. AND they just couldnt seem to get it right and poked him multiple times before taking him to a room and laying him down and getting someone else to do it. THEN they got it and plenty of it. he got a sucker from them and I promised him a cookie when we got home for being such a good boy. He didnt kick anyone with his clunkers lol and boy did he want to. so when we got home he was sucking on his sucker and then wanted cookie too. so he had cookie in one hand sucker in the other and was perfectly happy.

Now that the vampires have their blood I hope that they find nothing of significance in any of it. and I hope we wont have to do it again any time soon!

Tomorrow we are having our own thanksgiving dinner here at home just the 8 of us. I have pies in the oven right now. Eric has to be on call thursday so we will have dinner Weds and just a regular day on Thurs, except Ethan will be here so that will be a little out of the ordinary for a thursday.

Monday EVERYONE goes to school. Cody and Chrysta will go, Ethan will go, Ben and Sophie and Maia will go. what will I do with myself??? I am hoping to get some oomf and sew a big bag for Maia for her American Doll and all her accessories.

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