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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

kohlers and thanksgiving

maia has an appt with the Orthopod for her Kohlers today. if the laying low didnt work then I guess she will have to cast it. so I am hoping we dont come home in a cast. I dont think Maia will be a very good "slowed down" patient. This will also likely be the last time I take ONE child to a doctor appointment while leaving all the OTHER children at home. it is less than two weeks until Cody and Chrysta go to school. after that it will be 3 with me everywhere I go. But hey thats less than it used to be right? and Sophie and Ben should start school in December with Maia so I will have two blessed afternoons a week to myself! and THAT will be a good thing. I can do anything and everything or NOTHING at all!

Not sure what to do for thanksgiving. Eric is on call. and has to work on Friday. My mom also has to work on friday. so do I go up there and have dinner with them? or just stay home? at least at home everyone is almost sleeping through the night. I wonder if I trip to grandmas for the night might set us back in that department. I could go up for the day and come home thanksgiving night but I really hate traveling on the holiday. maybe I will just stay home and cook a chicken from the freezer and make our own little dinner. I could put the bird in one crock pot and carrots and potatoes in the other, or corn pudding my favorite. but it would be fun to see my family. I only see my brother and uncle on holidays. from a sleep standpoint any option that ends with us home in our own beds is the best one. ahh wel I have a week to think about it. as dad always says, a lot could happen between now and then!

Ethan is thriving in school. but his attitude when he gets home is AWFUL! his dad gave him a stern talking to. I dont have high hopes it will be helpful but maybe. he was very sweet this morning heading to the bus. I didnt want to embarass him so I said have a good day but he came running back for a kiss and hug. he couldnt go off to school without it. and then he waved to me out the window. It is MUCH quieter during the day with him at school.

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