A Dozen Good Eggs

Monday, November 16, 2009


free appropriate public education. My husband doesnt seem to grasp what this means. He is ever concerned that I am taking money from someone who needs it. OUR KIDS NEED IT!! They could go to preschool/headstart where Maia goes to school and also possibly get some OT and PT. It isnt like they are going to fix Sophie's legs but it would be helpful for them academically to be able to use scissors and hold a pencil etc. I cant teach them that. not to mention the fact that neither of them has any of the skills needed for school. Draw a person with 6 parts. ben MIGHT be able to, sophie wouldnt. hop on one foot, neither. write your name, nada. tell me what color these are, nope.walk, one no and one barely. what letter is this? uh uh. how many of these are there? not a chance. they have spent years in an institution. you do not come out acting your age. you do not come out with all the knowledge you would have if you had grown in a family instead of an institution. we need to advocate for them and get them every help they can get. if its from PS then so be it. Keeping them from services they qualify for would do them an injustice. why is it wrong to send them to school for free when they need services and qualify for services? they are ENTITLED to FAPE. its the law.


  1. Public education was put there for all children. Your (new) kids need both the formal education that schools are suppose to supply but more important they need the socialization that they can get while being mixed with other kids their age. I don't think the school will "cure" the kids but when all is said and done, they will be far better with OT and PT provided with your tax dollars. They will learn English faster when with a bunch of kids their age and discovered if they want something, they will have to get it because not everyone is like family and willing to wait on them. Send them to school if for nothing else the break you need to recharge yourself.

  2. it isnt a question of sending them. its to receive or not receive special ed services which also translates to pay for preschool or not. I say they deserve every break they can get. I dont think they will cure them of anything either but it sure cant hurt to have every possible advantage for them. if it takes a village and as you said our tax dollars work for others, why should our children be entiteled to less? sometimes my husband thinks too much.

  3. Get all you can for your children, they are entitled! They deserve it after the rough start they have had, they need every possible opportunity, who could possibly need it more than children that have been institutionalized? Get all you can, you pay taxes.